The Olympic ‘Movement’ That Keeps Athletes Poor: MuckReads Weekly

Planet Earth (Propublica) – Every few years, the Olympics bring in a ton of money, but not for athletes. According to this investigation, the executives who run the Olympics get rich , but Olympians are paid paltry sums. One javelin thrower said the most he’s ever made in a year is $3,000. (Washington Post)


Every state requires people in certain jobs to report suspected child sexual abuse — USA Gymnastics routinely fails to do so. In one case, USAG received a sexual misconduct complaint about a coach five years before he was arrested for molesting three gymnasts. (The Indianapolis Star)


It shouldn’t be easy to get materials to build a “dirty bomb” in the United States. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to get some materials at all, but this secret group did — and it could have been anyone. The group that secured the materials was actually a secret investigative arm of Congress, but their success raises new questions about the risks of terrorists getting such items. (Center for Public Integrity)


Tests can be easier if you’ve seen the questions in advance. A Reuters investigation found that the Global Assessment Certificate program, designed to help foreign students succeed at U.S. universities, came with an added bonus — an early look at the ACT. (Reuters)

This report prepared by Adam Harris for Propublica.