DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Leaks Show Alcohol Lobby Pushed Against Cannabis

Washington DC, (TFC)— The cryptic hacker Guccifer 2.0 continues to pour forth a diverse stream of ever evolving democratic party leaks. After revealing the party’s favoring of Hillary Clinton, emails now disclose messages from the alcohol lobby. Give you one guess what about–opposition to cannabis reform.

Mary Jane’s medical and recreational success in Colorado has opened up the airwaves to all sorts of debate. Even those pushing to peel the plant’s schedule 1 status away were curious if it could integrate into society. Driving laws came into immediate question, and how to detect and handle stoned drivers.

Arguably, technologies available to law enforcement are inaccurate, and more research is certainly warranted. According to the newest DNC leaks, booze lobbies wanted to use the question to stifle progress with drug reforms.

As with many of  Guccifer’s hacks, Wikileaks is handling the dissemination of these leaks to the public. One email, sent to the DNC’s Financial Director Jordan Kaplan, show’s big booze used a robo-ad to push congress to investigate negative consequences of chopped driving. The message, Marijuana.com reports, was attached to a newsletter routinely sent to Washington insiders. It began with: “A message from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America”.

While the group claimed neutrality on legalization, it urged states “to ensure appropriate and effective regulations are enacted to protect the public from the dangers associated with the abuse and misuse of marijuana.” WSWA cites a “significant increase in traffic fatalities in which drivers tested positive for marijuana.” In conclusion, WSWA recommends congress immediately fund legislation to create standards for detected and dealing with stoned drivers.’

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America also recently organized a panel to discuss how legal kush could eventually affect their product. According to Marijuana.com, a similar group contributed $10,000 to defeat an arizona legalization bill. WSWA cites a lack of scientific understanding of how much herb it takes to impair a driver, while giving little context.

Barack Obama smoking Marijuana

Barack Obama smoking Marijuana

In fact, although more research is needed, studies have been conducted on cannabis-intoxicated driving. Actually, one by the National Institute for Drug Abuse suggested weed has very little sway on driving. The study’s volunteers were occasional cannabis users, and underwent simulated driving rather than the real deal.

The results–when compared to alcohol–show’s cannabis may cause a driver to swerve slightly within their lane, but don’t leave it. Conversely, drunk drivers swerve within and from their lane, and much more unpredictably. According to Time, the level of swerving in stoned drivers–with THC levels similar to that of Colorado’s legal limits–are comparable to the legal booze limit of .08%. It’s important to note the study examined drivers who drove while, or just after smoking. In reality, THC levels in those who wait before driving would be even more mundane.

WSWA also lacked context when citing the increase in THC related traffic fatalities. Could it be said that more people may consume a drug in an environment with lax drug laws? If that were true, then could those people, who once feared being arrested for possession, be more open and comfortable? Those same people may, or may not, consume any number of things–including alcohol–just before or while driving. Keep in mind that until recently, your life could be ruined if a cop decided to insist your car smelled of reefer. Now, those same anxieties that haunted thousands for decades are diminishing. One the surface an increase in accidents is there, but the link directly to THC is dubious, and ignores other relevant factors.

THC also stays in the body much longer than many other substances, from crack to booze. In the cases involving traffic fatalities, no information is given on when the victims last consumed cannabis.THC can stay in your system for at least a month, assuming you’re of average build and metabolism. Blaming accidents on cannabis because victims tested positive for THC is like arresting someone on Tuesday, drug testing them, then imprisoning them because the test   detected THC from weeks before. All of this muddies any stance WSWA claims to make to control cannabis reform in America. It’s just a little of the context WSWA conveniently omitted from its bid to congress.