Cops claim 28 infants admitted to being gang members

Sacramento, California (TFC) – An internal audit of California’s gang database revealed some startling trends. Infants are joining gangs at an alarming rate. According to the database CalGang, California has no less than 42 infants enlisted in dangerous criminal gangs. 28 of them apparently admitted their gang membership to officers. This would be funny, if it wasn’t exactly what the database showed.

Officers in California marked infants as gang members and lied about how the information was obtained. This database is widely used by officers in California and being marked as a gang member would make life especially dangerous for the child during any police interaction.

Imagine 16 years from now. The child is pulled over for a traffic violation. The database informs the officer the child is a gang member. The officer is suddenly on guard. Every action is suspect. The unarmed child becomes yet another tally mark in the ever growing score of unarmed kids gunned down by officers. The police then report the child was a gang member. The press, who take statements from the police as Gospel, run with the story of a gang member dying in an altercation with police. The Law & Order crowd cheers over the death of innocent.

This audit revealed a number of things to the public.

First, government databases are worthless. From the no-fly list to the terror watchlist to gang databases; they are all equally worthless. Second, official statements about a victim’s affiliations are worthless. They are based on faulty databases, and then embellished by spokespeople. Third, California’s database needs to be completely abandoned. It’s clear that officers cannot be trusted with the responsibility of entering information into a computer which can brand someone for life. Such a label will detrimentally impact a person for life. Officers have the ability to enter this information at will, with no due process. Fourth, an investigation should occur, and any officer who falsely identified children as gang members should find themselves behind bars.

Do we wait to demand accountability until the child is in the morgue? Or do we demand it now?