The Unified City Project: Revolution In Action

Washington, DC (TFC)

“Traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete.”

-Buckminster Fuller-


When we understand our connectedness to everything, we understand that in order to collectively transition through an oppressed, disconnected, and divided society, we must look at how we as individuals can be the cure.

As human beings are beginning to realize all over the planet, looking to politics to save the predicament that our planet is in, is not a solution. A true revolution – an evolution that propels humanity and all of life forward – is not going to come from the ballot box. The solution lies within individuals in our society that have the courage to take ownership of their own hearts and their own minds. The solution ultimately, lies within all of us.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world


Music and Food are two of the most connecting forces on the planet. By organizing gatherings for free expression and sustenance within our cities, we are creating a gift culture that will shift consciousness away from collapsing financial and political systems, and towards the unifying of people in local communities. Ultimately through creating these spaces where we mutually aid each other, and allow others to express themselves freely as they are, we are bridging the gap to a free society.

Organizing this can seem daunting, but every problem we ever face can be worked through by breaking it down into small steps. Freedom Cells, or their more recognizable term Affinity groups, are networks of friends and neighbors who come together to hold space empower each individual. These intentional groups are the bridges we will use to build community within our cities.

Each freedom cell can be started by reaching out to your friends or anybody you are close to. In my city, I organized my freedom cell by posting an event on Facebook for group meditation. By simply meditating in a park in my city, and putting the details online, I was able to collaborate with more and more human beings that are working towards building more connection in their lives. By meeting every week we were able to establish constant collaboration of ideas for growth both within our group, and in our community. We continued on to throw art shows, homeless drives, community dinners, potlucks, workshops, and much more, while mutually providing for each other.

But this is only the beginning of what can start to happen as this activity grows within each city. The more people you bring into your group, you can start to break off into other freedom cells to increase effectiveness for specific ways to unite your community.


• one group might be creating culture by creating spaces for artistic expression open to anyone in the city. House shows / Potluck Open Mics / Art Agoras (marketplaces for selling, gifting, trading and showcasing art)

• one group could be an emergency prep team that focuses on making certain those within their freedom cell are all proficient in CPR, have a bug out bag, know how to patch a wound, and have a plan of action for emergency situations.

• one group might connect with organizations and businesses in the area for implementing community gardens / organizing community cookouts / creating open mic nights / homeless drives

• one group might create space for reoccurring community meditations

• one group might simply meet up to hold space for internal struggles, as a non-judgmental support group

•one group could be a police accountability unit that responds to calls of police brutality by forming human chains around the victim(s) and videotaping every encounter.

• one might be focused on creating a ridesharing network to lessen dependence on the fossil fuel industry.

• one group could collaborate to make art and give it away to people on the street. This can include poetry / street theatre / jam sessions

• one group focused on learning new skills and hosting workshops on sustainability / accessing creativity / DIY projects / homemade remedies

• one might be focused on indoor gardening / growing food forests at parks / Tackling food deserts

• one group might host documentary screenings to educate the public on various issues preventing a free society.


Ultimately, the amount ways we can use our networks to build up community within each city is limitless. The goal here is to help inspire a shift in awareness from fighting each other and our broken system, to recognizing the power of uniting each other from the ground up.

We are calling this The Unified City Project.

How are you becoming more free? What ways are you helping remind the people around you of their limitlessness? How are you creating space for others to tap into their power? How are YOU tapping into your power?

I think it’s important to remember that unifying our cities is much more than an act of fear through preparing for the collapse of our political and financial system.

The inevitable collapse is a huge part of why the The Unified City Project exists, so that those looking for answers can be shown ways to realistically plan by taking direct action where they are.

More importantly though is to aid the evolution of ourselves and our community by breaking down the made up barriers of separation. The more we embrace ourselves and each other, the more rooted and flexible we can be with life itself. We believe that there is a need for deep healing in the world, and we believe that healing begins internally with ourselves, and locally within our own communities.

By creating spaces for people to come together for this kind of healing, we can begin to directly evolve our state of being and the consciousness of the lives around us. Our belief is that this shift in consciousness is already happening on a scale that is far beyond anything any one movement can claim responsibility for. We simply would like to aid this transition already taking place. Collectively, by uniting with each other in each city, we will take our power back into our own hands, and build a free world beyond our wildest dreams.

If this message resonates with you, take these tactics into action. Connect with the people around you (especially if you don’t know them) and bring them together with the intention of mutual aid.

Its #UpToUs to thrive, not just survive.


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