The State and Manipulation of Education

Washington, DC (TFC) – American education is under attack in an attempt to turn your child into a corporate profit. Teachers, students, and communities are being used as pawns in a chess match. Politicians are filling their campaign piggybank to support and fund the private sector. Tax money is being used send students to attend religious, private, and charter schools. In many states the private sector has a lower success rate of performance, growth, and development.
An educational system that allows options serves a purpose. Families should have a say in what school their child attends. The problem lies when private sector does not have to play by the same rules and regulations in regards to assessment, yet are given funding that has been allocated for the public sector. Our schools are not broken. Our politicians are.
Currently, public schools are given funding based on how high test scores are at the end of the year. Lower performing schools have their funding cut for not performing well. This ideology sets up a system that will eventually force an economic segregation.


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This segregation will rise and take its toll. The wealthy will be given opportunities that are not available to citizens in lower income brackets. Families who cannot afford to pay for high quality education will have their children placed in the lowest quality schools that are legally allowed. These schools will have the lowest quality teachers, limited technology, and questionable materials.
The system is being controlled by people in suits who have no background in education. They base everything on how much money they can extort, and the fact that they have been students in a classroom. This would be like someone trying to build a car just because they have driven one. Public education is not a businesses. Children are people.
We must do what is best for our children, our families, our communities, and let our professional educators be the professionals that they are.

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This report prepared by Justin Notoras for The Fifth Column.