President Obama Openly Supports War Criminal

Ankara, Turkey (TFC) – While it isn’t over, the indications are the coup against Erdogan has failed. The stated goals of those behind the coup were to return to a secular government and reinstate the rule of law.

The President of the United States encouraged people to “support the democratically elected government of Turkey”. He said this while his administration is in the midst of a multi-year effort to overthrow the government of President Assad in Syria. The US, historically, doesn’t care about democracy or elections. The US wants Erdogan in power because he has more or less been an obedient lackey. While there are moments of discord, Turkey is still a faithful dog at the end of one of the many leashes held by the US. This allows Erdogan to behave in a manner that would not be tolerated from a non-puppet state.

The President of the United States didn’t encourage support for democracy. Turkey isn’t a democracy. Press suppression is the norm. Erdogan has leveled bogus charges of terrorism against members of parliament. Erdogan has had people arrested for merely signing a petition. He’s arrested journalists for Facebook posts. His government is responsible for secret trials in defiance of international law. His troops have shelled civilians on multiple occasions. Nudem Durak, TFC’s Woman of the Year, was thrown in prison for the act of teaching children to sing in Kurdish. When a prosecutor was brave enough to bring charges against the security services responsible for the disappearances and killings of 21 Kurds, the government abolished the court and shuffled the case through the system until finding a court it was certain would acquit. The list of Edogan’s crimes is endless. The truly terrifying part is that these are just the incidents we know about. Local news outlets that question Erdogan are seized by the government. There are substantial amounts of evidence suggesting that Erdogan is actively assisting the Islamic State. Even setting aside all of the criminal behavior of Erdogan, it must all be acknowledged that he wasn’t “democratically elected”. He rigged the election.

Obama Image Source: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons

Image Source: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons

So, no, the President didn’t support a democratically-elected government. He threw his support behind a tyrant who engages in authoritarian control, subverts democratic institutions, commits war crimes, and violates human rights.

Western media pretended to be surprised by the events in Turkey. Of course, there was an attempted coup; Erdogan is a criminal. However, the Western media intentionally downplays Erdogan’s crimes so the citizens don’t demand action. The media has turned a blind eye to the genocide of the Kurds and all of the other crimes of the regime. It must feign shock and confusion at the prospect of a group wanting to overthrow a man they’ve painted as slightly confused and a little over the top. If they didn’t, the Western viewers might begin to realize the major networks are nothing more than propaganda arms of their governments.

Turkey deserves real leadership. It deserves a legitimate government. It deserves freedom. It deserves to be without Erdogan. Sadly, Erdogan, like all populist thugs, has some support among the people. He divides people based on race, religion, and language; just like the populist thugs in the United States. The coup sought to return the rule of law and promised everyone rights regardless of race, religion, or language. The government of the United States chose to forego the lofty ideal of the rule of law in exchange for political expediency.

The President of the United States openly sided with a war criminal on national television. If there was ever a moment in American History that could truly demonstrate to the average American the clear and undeniable fact that the US is not the good guy anymore, it is this moment in history.