Meet the people responsible for the next attack on police officers

Dallas, Texas (TFC) – All over the country, departments are on high alert. They know the next attack on police officers is right around the corner. They’ve changed security procedures, they’ve advised their loved ones of the risk, and they’re on the lookout for any information or tips about who will be behind the next attack on cops. In the interest of public safety, The Fifth Column is publishing the names of some of those who will be responsible for the next attack.

These are the names of those who are creating violent attitudes in the populace and whose actions are likely to lead to the next attack, even though they won’t pull the trigger, drop the brick, or plant the bomb themselves. Their names are:

James Craig of Detroit, Michigan
Thomas E. Kulhawik of Norwalk, Connecticut
Michael Saunders of Evergreen, Illinois

Who are these three men and what connection do they have to each other? They are all police chiefs of departments whose officers arrested people for posting inflammatory language about cops online. They call the posts threats, but there is a difference between a threat and a warning.

These men have co-conspirators all over the country, other law enforcement officers who have decided to take it upon themselves to use the gun of the state to silence criticism and dissent in this country. The comments posted online are warnings. They are warnings similar to the warnings this outlet provided two years ago. These aren’t threats, these are things that will happen if departments do not reform. In the face of criticism, officers have arrested citizens and in at least one case, the department can’t even figure out what to charge the victims of their actions with.

“I know this is a new issue, but I want these people charged with crimes,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. “I’ve directed my officers to prepare warrants for these four individuals, and we’ll see which venue is the best to pursue charges.”

Read that over and over again until it sinks in. The Chief ordered them arrested without even knowing what he would charge them with. Detroit’s police department is not just judge, jury, and executioner. It is now also the legislative and the executive branches. They have found the man they want to put in prison, now they have to find the crime to charge him with. Here’s a relevant historical quote:

“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

Lavrentiy Beria uttered those words. He was also a police chief. He was the chief of the NKVD, Stalin’s secret police. James Craig needs to be removed from office immediately. He is the personification of the police state.

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

When law enforcement across the country begins a concerted effort to silence dissent and speech, the only possible outcome is more violence. They are making violent revolution inevitable. Why should people remain peaceful when they can be arrested for speaking their mind on Facebook? If they can’t speak to their own friends about their thoughts on social media without the thought police showing up at their homes, why should they think their legislators will listen? It will cause them to internalize that anger and rage until it spills out in an act of violence.

The men named above and every officer or chief who is attempting to stifle criticism and dissent is responsible for the next batch of officers who meet a bloody end in a surprise attack. The actions of these officers make another attack so certain that they might as well save the insurgents the trouble and shoot a few of their own officers at roll call. It’s the same outcome. This might be hard to believe, but the proper response to widespread claims of a violent and overreaching police department is not to arrest people for speaking. It’s to pull back and re-evaluate. This isn’t a small group of malcontents who are causing problems. This is a large percentage of the population who see violence as their only option. They may have been on the fence about violence, the removal of their First Amendment rights by the thin blue line has shown them that discussion is no longer an option for them. Some squad of unthinking goons will come arrest them if they speak out, so why try?

The next time there is footage of an officer choking on his own blood as he screams into a radio for help that will arrive too late, every officer that dispersed a protest, every cop who pepper sprayed a protester, choked some woman in a sundress like those thugs in Baton Rouge, or otherwise stifled peaceful criticism is to blame. You’re killing your comrades, but you’re too stupid and too arrogant to realize it.

When the next attack comes these chiefs will no doubt hold a moment of silence, say a prayer, and salute the victims. They’ll be saluting people they put in the grave.