How to improve your Facebook newsfeed immediately

Washington, DC (TFC) – It’s hard to find pages that consistently bring a fresh viewpoint. You know you can’t trust the corporate owned media. You know you’re missing important stories and angles on those stories. What’s the easiest way to improve the quality of your newsfeed?

We’ve created a list of some of the most refreshing Facebook pages out there. While some of these pages are owned or operated by The Fifth Column, most are completely independent. Some of these pages are operated by friendly outlets. Some of the pages are our direct competitors. Some follow a different ethos. Others are completely oppositional. Appearing on the list isn’t an endorsement, it’s simply pointing out a source of information you may have missed. What mattered when looking for pages to add to this list was unique views, fresh content, and independence.

The Fifth Column Network: Obviously, you should follow these three pages.

The Fifth Column: A decentralized network of journalists, vloggers, bloggers, radio show hosts, activists, and analysts dedicated to bringing you the stories that aren’t in the normal news cycle. The focus is primarily international.

Pontiac Tribune: TFC’s US and Canadian edition. All of the in-depth coverage of The Fifth Column, brought down to the local and national level.

Sleeper Cells: TFC’s audio-visual site. Videos, radio shows, podcasts, and our radio station all find their way to Sleeper Cells.

Independent Media Mainstays: These pages are the Facebook homes of some of the independent media’s best and largest outlets.

Mint Press
Counter Current News
We Are Change
The AnonNews
Coffee Party

Boutique Pages: They might be new. They might only focus on a small set of issues.

Political Junkie News Media
Geopolitics Alert
Underground Reporter
Awakened Citizen
The Rundown Live
The New American Media
Free Radical Media
Truth Voice
I Take Liberty With My Coffee
Unbiased America
Bay Area Intifada
Awakened Media
inLeague Press
Common Ground Movement
Anonymous War on the System
Solutions Institute

Facebook Logo. Image Source: Bhupinder Nayyar

Facebook Logo.
Image Source: Bhupinder Nayyar


Justin King
John Carico
Carey Wedler
Ben Morris
Larken Rose
Charles Rae
Ford Fischer
Claire Bernish
Luke Rudkowski
PM Beers
Cassius Kamarampi-Tryptamine

Mnar A. Muhawesh
The Alaskan Dude
The Conjure House

Area pages:

Million Mask March London
Unite Ohio
The UK Revolution
Asia in Focus
Fortress Europe
The Halls of Russia’s Kremlin
Latin American Newsline
Lifting the Veil of Africa
Eyes of Ireland
Beneath the Watchtowers of Palestine
Anonymous Pennsylvania
Rojava Breaking News
Kurdistan Combat Footage
Texans for Police Accountability
The Case for an Independent Kurdistan
Awakened Cincinnatians
Anonymous Indiana
Kentucky Freedom News Network

Cause Specific:

Anonymous Legion
The Fem Column
Million Mask March (US)
Statist Conversion Center
Boycott Turkey
Hacking and Information Security
Anonymous One Humanity
Tactical YETIs
Christopher Dorner
Generation Y – The Millenial Revolution
Activist Alliance
Anti-Mainstream Media
The Great American Police State
Anonymous WorldWide
Women’s Defense Units
Americans against the Republican and Democratic Parties
Educate the Public
White Rose Society
Anonymous Readiness Group
Reform Mental Health

Philosophy and Art:

Era of Wisdom
Infiltrated Art
Passion for Wolves
United Citizens of Earth
Philosophical Humor