Hacker Guccifer 2.0’s New Leaks Reveal An Anti-Sanders DNC, And More

Washington DC, (TFC)— Hacktivist Guccifer 2.0 strikes again, sending a steaming hot cache of DNC documents to WikiLeaks. While some documents indicate internal skepticism of the Iran agreements, others are more jarring. Leaks outline how DNC officials literally conspired against Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for president. These new leaks offer a panoramic view of the party’s augmentation of Clinton’s campaign, while exploiting the weakness of others.

At least some of the material to pertaining to the Iran agreements were sent to The Hill. The deal was mentioned in notes sent between DNC political consultancy partners discussing tactics. Certain politicians were described as  “wobbly democrats” who wanted to “scratch this thing.” Other notes on immigration called the current congress “the most anti-immigration” by far.

Leaks also spotlighted how democrats strategized to funnel as much money into Clinton Super-PAC’s as legally allowed. According to Hill, those memos were sent to political consulate John Podesta, who’s now Clinton’s campaign chairman. Those same memo’s were also shared with fundraising “guru” Dennis Cheng, and a campaign manager. Interestingly, these communications were made before asides were certain Hillary Clinton would even run.

The mysterious hacker didn’t stop there, and moved to release DNC documents on Bernie Sanders afterward. According to Raw Story, messages sent by DNC CFO Brian Marshall suggest officials considered using Sanders’ religion against him.

“It may make no difference”, Marshall wrote, “but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief[?]” Marshall noted how Bernie “skated around saying he has a Jewish heritage.” In conclusion, the CFO declared “my southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.” Marshall first claimed to not recall the message, then suggested the subject matter was misinterpreted.

Guccifer 2.0, although continuing to leak documents, still remains unidentified and elusive. DNC-hired cyber security firms assert Guccifer isn’t independent, but an elaborate Russian operation. It was even recently suggested that the op is aiming to aid the Donald Trump presidency. Given the hostile rhetoric Trump has used to frame relations with Russia, this would be a unique claim. At best, such a conspiracy means Russia is playing a gambling game from which it could self-destruct.

Though not all in Washington are convinced, those who’re sold organized a confidential White House meeting. Department of Defense, Homeland Security, FBI, and National Security Council officials met to discuss the possibility of a Russian role. Clinton campaign representatives expressed deep unease around the breach, and what may be to come.

Everybody needs a hacker Image Source: Alexandre Dulaunoy, Flickr, Creative Commons

Everybody needs a hacker
Image Source: Alexandre Dulaunoy, Flickr, Creative Commons

Guccifer themselves–whoever they are– has literally laughed at the government’s suspicions. The character takes the form of an omniscient-like trickster, speaking through hacking prowess more potent than the lolz they enjoy in secret.

In case you’re not aware, “lolz” is a variation of the more commonly used “lol”, “Laugh Out Loud”. Hackers affiliated with the famous Anonymous collective were widely known for sophisticated, cleverly mischievous infiltrations of government hardware. Guccifer behaves in much a similar way– not because they’re Anon’s–but because they’re hackers. For many hackers and hacktivists, operations void of loz are unsuccessful operations.

When the DNC was first hit, it tried to downplay the breach by saying no sensitive information was taken. Guccifer dropped more files the next day. Clinton campaign staffers asserted that their files weren’t breached, and Guccifer came through again. None of this is to say Guccifer is–100%–not Russian affiliated. It’s just to point out they have a deeply trollish sense of humor, to use more internet slang. That key element is missing in the current rhetoric passed along by pundits and talking heads on the hacks.

Asserting the leaks are intended to help Donald Trump also downplays the reality they paint. It seems Guccifer’s leaks get more damning by the day, coming faster than articles can be written on them. They’re also not just attacking the democratic party, as Sarah Palin-related leaks recently dropped.

Another question: would DNC officials make use of Guccifer leaks which harm or attack the Trump campaign? These are all questions and angles largely left out of debate in the current political arena. Julian Assange at Wikileaks appears deeply confident in the quality and power of the material he now possesses. All in all, the crowning gem to Guccifer’s act may very well be yet to come.