Cycle of Insurgency: President Obama setting stage for more officers to be gunned down

Washington, DC (TFC) – In a move symptomatic of the current debacle, the White House is considering lifting the ban on transferring weapons of war to police departments nationwide. After Ferguson, the administration banned the transfers. Now it’s rethinking the move.

Political posturing is behind the announcement and decision. One of the major reasons officers are being gunned down in the streets like never before is because of the “warrior cop” mentality departments across the country have adopted. They are given the tools of war from the Department of Defense, but do not have the training to use them. So, concussion grenades maim children, rifles are used to shoot unarmed people, and MRAPs are used to violate the Constitutionally-protected right to peaceably assemble.

These are the reasons officers are being killed. Providing departments more tools to misuse on the civilian populace will only hasten the growing insurgency in the United States and lead to more officers being buried during a propaganda laden ceremony in which politicians ride the wave of caskets to reelection.

It should come as no surprise that the announcement of the administration’s decision to reconsider a failed program comes as Hillary Clinton comes under fire by police unions. The Democratic party needs to appear as if it cares about officers. So rather than forcing a discussion on police training and brutality, the party is going to play political games with officers’ lives.

No, officers do not need MRAPs. Officers need training. Officers need to be held accountable. Officers need to break the thin blue line. Until that happens, any new equipment to departments is just fueling the rage and animosity burning inside those who are tired of murderers with badges walking free.