Left or Right, Pro- or Anti-Gun: You cannot support the “No Buy” list

Washington, DC (TFC– It doesn’t matter where your political affiliation lies. It doesn’t matter what your stance on gun control is: you cannot support the No Buy list. The essence of the proposal is simple: the government declares a person a “bad guy” with no trial and no evidence, and that person loses their inalienable Constitutionally-protected rights. Regardless of your opinion of the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights is meant to act as a bulwark against tyranny and dictatorship. If the government is able to bypass this bulwark by simply declaring it has the authority to do so, the United States is a literal dictatorship.

The government has an established pattern of overreach and abuse. If this is allowed to stand, government officials will have established legal precedent to rescind any other right you hold dear by simply adding your name to a list. Don’t even consider what this proposal is trying to do, look at how it will do it. There is no due process, which is the backbone of free society. The government simply declares you an enemy of the state and removes your rights.



The No Fly lists and the terror watch lists are an example of government ineptitude. Singer Cat Stevens was on the no-fly list. Senator Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list. Walter F. Murphy, a professor at Princeton, was allegedly put on the list because he spoke critically of George W. Bush. Maryland PD placed scores of nonviolent peace activists on the list, just because they could. Marine Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown, who was in uniform and returning from Iraq was delayed because his name was on the list. Children under the age 5 have been shown to be on the list. European Union delegates have been barred from entering the US.

The list is not effective. It is just another government program trampling people’s rights that has run amok. To allow this type of ineptitude, corruption, and mismanagement to act as a precedent for the wholesale removal of so-called inalienable rights is nothing short of an undermining of the entire American way of life.

Those who have chosen to support this proposal are a greater threat to American liberty than any member of any terrorist organization in the world.