Freedom or Slavery: Which Will It Be?

Washington, DC (TFC) – As the Fourth of July approaches and social media is once again bombarded with falsely patriotic notions, I feel the need to ask: America, what do you know about Freedom? Are you truly free? With the stipulation that you are not inflicting pain upon another human being, are you free to live as you so please? No? That’s what I thought.

So, now I ask you this, at what point did slavery become perfectly acceptable for the whole of society? Or any part of society for that matter? Certainly our chains may not be visible, however, one should have no doubt that they are ever present in this world of modern slave masters.

The land we live upon, the vehicles we drive in, the jobs we maintain, the dwellings in which we reside; none of these things truly belong to us, as the respective owner. The facade of ownership is a convincing one yet it is a facade nonetheless. In today’s world we are cowed into paying extortion fees (taxes) for nearly everything upon which we rely in our daily lives. Why is this so readily, and widely, accepted? When was the turning point in the history of humanity in which we all decided that we would like to be owned by “chosen” or “elected” leaders? When did we, as a collective society, deem it necessary to drop to our knees, kiss the proverbial signet rings, and bow down? Why do we allow such a minuscule percentage of the population to rule over all of us?

Do you know these “chosen” leaders personally? No? What about these esteemed politicians? No? Well, neither do I. We don’t know them, nor do they know us. Yet day after day, year after year, decade after decade, century after century we’ve allowed them to choose what is in our best interest. What is in the best interest of your life and well-being may not be what’s in the best interest of mine. Just as what is in the elite’s best interest is most definitely not in the whole of society’s best interest. Yet here we are. Crumbling infrastructure. Poisoned water. Radiation, pollution, tar sands and oil spills destroying our water supply and the environment. Fracking causing earthquakes and contamination. A police force that fancies itself to be above the law and beyond reproach. Law enforcement that wouldn’t know the Constitution or the Bill of Rights if it bit them on their asses. A judicial system which so completely lacks justice. A public school system that is deliberately dumbing down the youth of our nation. Health care which only serves to further sicken us, both with incompetence and exorbitant fees. Those “practicing” medicine are more concerned with kickbacks from Big Pharma than with truly healing their patients.

Image Source: Ira Gelb, Flickr, Creative Commons NOT for sale: human trafficking

Image Source: Ira Gelb, Flickr, Creative Commons

What we have are a select few at the very top who hand down decisions to those who are in the spotlight as our “chosen” (elected) “leaders”. The “leaders” are nothing more than figures for the people to be distracted by. They’re not the ones who are making the big decisions. They’re just the public faces for those who do. Unless you happen to own a significant amount of Federal Reserve notes then you don’t get to buy votes. This is where we are at, America.

Here we are in another election year watching the circus that is modern day politics unfold and, quite frankly, none of these candidates are fit to hold an office of any kind. None of them are going to change things for the better. I can guarantee you that. Yet, once again, millions are clamoring to vote for their favorite figurehead. Waging heated debates over whose puppet is better. We’ve got a little more than four months to go before the election commences and someone new begins their stint as the face of America for four years. Are we going to go through the voting process and pretend that our votes matter? Or can we finally stop being distracted by the circus of modern day politics and mainstream media propaganda, and focus on what needs to be done? Can we come together and find solutions or are we going to continue to live in this perpetual cycle of choosing new puppets, bowing down, thanking them for it then paying our extortion fees and going about our daily business of being good little slaves? What will it be America? What will it be?