Donkey Business: Venezuelan Police Arrest Animals Mocking Maduro

Venezuela (PanAm) – Demonstration With Two Animals Mocking President Maduro’s Facial Hair Broken Up By Police

The Venezuelan Police confiscated two donkeys on Friday, May 3 at a protest in Caracas.

The situation began as several members of Primero Justicia, an opposition party, demonstrated against the government on an important street in the capital next to two donkeys which they had dressed as President Nicolás Maduro.

The animals were made to carry banners insulting the President and to wear mustaches that mocked his facial hair. The demonstrators were chantings the phrase: “revoke the ass!”

Police immediately arrived to confiscate the animals, putting an end to the day’s “donkey business.”

According to social media users, the protests didn’t generate more complications than that and the demonstration ended when opposition members arrived with the animals. Neighboring residents in the area expressed their disapproval of the act to officials.

The situation occurred amid other, stronger protests that have been taking place as the humanitarian crisis that afflicts all of Venezuela continues to worsen.

All donkeys are innocent until proven guilty. Image Source:

All donkeys are innocent until proven guilty.
Image Source:


This report prepared by Orlando Avendaño for PanAm Post.