White Supremacist groups are coming together to fight the “Race War”!

Washington, D.C. (DailyHaze) – In late April, a meeting occurred that went under the radars of mainstream media. The results of the meeting were ten white supremacy groups signing a pact, with claims several others are not far behind.

The agreement between the groups comes at a time where racial tension is still high in the country, but these white supremacy groups say that they are done with the internal battles that have been prevalent among the different groups.

Many see the various white nationalist groups and consider them to all be one and the same. However, this could not be further from the truth. Their differences can range from significant issues, to what appears to be quite trivial issues from an outsider’s perspective. Nevertheless, these differences have caused there to be internal fighting among the different groups throughout the years. Fighting that will no longer be tolerated, according to the National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep.

The groups that joined this alliance so far are, National Socialist Movement, Loyal White Knights, Rasistisk Loyalists, Vinlanders Social Club, Aryan Nations, Texas Rebel Knights, America First Comm., Racial Nationalist Party of America, SS Action Group, Phinias Priesthood, and Aryan Strikeforce. The groups banding together makes for quite a worthy adversary if they can keep the peace with each other.

While Schoep and others claim this treaty to be a historical moment in America, this is not the first time that white supremacy groups have tried this approach. In the past, these agreements would work for a few years and then deteriorate after time, but there are two reasons why Schoep may be right. First, this is the largest number of white supremacy groups to come together under an umbrella, and second, this is a very delicate time in America for this umbrella to be created.

In the recent past, we have been watching history in the making. We have watched our first black president go into the office. We watched the rise of the Black Lives Matters movement. We watched the first homosexual couples get legally married. Now these white supremacy groups seem to feel the history of this country is being written without them, forcing them to create their chapter for the history books.

The groups all claim to be non-violent and say they are not hate groups. While they make these claims and stand by them, it is hard to take them to heart. As vocativ pointed out, in the ceremony that celebrated the treaty between these groups, once the cross and swastika were lit on fire those attending began yelling, “Death to the ungodly,” and“Death to the Jews.” It is phrases like these being thrown around these burning symbols that make their claims easier to be taken with a grain of salt.

There are still many who do not yet see this treaty as something that is going to last. The doubts in creating an umbrella for white supremacist groups comes from both those outside and inside the white nationalist community. To understand the reason for doubts, you must first understand the groups involved in this pact.


The National Socialist Movement is the organizers behind the pact. The group is a neo-Nazi White Supremacist group out of Detroit, Michigan. They are known best for their anti-Semitic political stance and homophobic views towards same-sex couples. The group was founded in 1974 and originally went by “National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement.” Schoep has been the chairman of the group since 1994.

The National Socialist Movement has claimed to be the largest white supremacy group in the country. They are known to have chapters in at least 35 states. In the last year, it is believed that the NSM has direct organizations in at least seven different countries. With how large of a presence they have around the country, it appears that the claims of being the largest white supremacy group hold weight. However, that may be the groups only claim to hold weight.

The NSM has stated they are not a hate group. They also do not agree with the title of being racist or Neo-Nazi. They classify themselves as a “white civil rights organization.” A look through their public appearances tells another story.

On October 15, 2005, the NSM held a march in Toledo, Ohio against African-American gang activity. The march would end up turning into a 4-hour riot; that forced the entire city to be placed under a curfew for the rest of the weekend. The NSM claimed that a resident requested them to hold the rally, but that resident denied any involvement. The NSM were told to leave town with a police escort as the situation between residents and the police escalated.

Despite the results of the rally in October, the NSM was allowed to hold another rally on December 10, 2005, at the Government Center in downtown Toledo. Around 50 members of the NSM assembled for the rally, which was met by just under 200 counter-protesters and separated by 700 law enforcement officers. The day before the rally Judge Thomas Osowick approved an injunction to ban all public gatherings for the following two weeks. Those who showed up to oppose the NSM were in violation of being a part of unauthorized protests. In all, 29 arrests were made, three of which were photojournalists, and Tasers were said to have been used against the opposing crowd.

Over the years, the NSM has continued to hold rallies, but none have gotten as out of control as the rallies in Toledo. The NSM has had a steady growth throughout the years while other Aryan organizations have seen a decay over time.


The Loyal White Knights are a branch of the Ku Klux Klan self-describe themselves as not being a hate group. They claim they do not hate a certain group of people. Instead, they hate things that go against God’s law and are destroying all white nations. Their hate is said to be directed towards drugs, homosexuality, abortion, and race-mixing. While this is what the group claims, throughout history, the White Knights are known as being the most militant and violent branch ever to exist within the KKK.

In 1964, the White Knights were founded under Grand Wizard Samuel Bowers. The branch was different from much of the KKK at that time. Mainly due to their secrecy. They did not care to hold public rallies and instead preferred to remain in the shadows. The group quickly grew to thousands within the first year, only to plummet back down to the hundreds by 1967.

The White Knights were responsible for bombings, church burnings, beatings and even murder. Bowers, along with five others would end up being convicted of the murder of three activists, a series of events inspired the movieMississippi Burning.

The White Knights tried to be recognized by the public in the 80’s with professional wrestler Johnny Lee Clary as their new Imperial Wizard. The attempt to be accepted in the public eye was short lived and in 2005, the White Knights chapter came to a close.

Since the White Knights disbanded, the Loyal White Knights have formed claiming they are the largest faction of the KKK in the country. A claim that is not hard to make since the KKK have had lowered numbers in recent years. Many look at the Loyal White Knights as more of a joke than a threat. It did not help that two of the groups members were arrested last June after they were trying to build a “mobile, remotely oper­ated, radiation-emitting device,” or in layman’s terms, a giant X-Ray gun to kill people from a distance.


The Rasistisk Loyalist is a worldwide organization that claims to be the Aryan Military. The group prides itself on standing against the Jews and preventing the immigration of non-whites that threaten white existence. Behind the group’s beliefs is the phrase RAHOWA, which can also be spelled RaHoWa. RAHOWA was a term created by the Creativity Movement but has since spread to white supremacist groups. The acronym stands for “Racial Holy War.”It has become a battle cry for Aryans to fight against the Jews and non-whites.

A universal symbol you will see alongside the Rasistisk Loyalist is 1488, or 14/88. The 14 is short for the “14 words,”which are, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The 88 represents “Heil Hitler,” as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. It is common to see 1488 used throughout many different white supremacy groups, as it gives a general summary of what these groups believe.

Image Source: Cuauhtemoc-Hidalgo Villa-Zapata, Flickr, Creative Commons KKK

Image Source: Cuauhtemoc-Hidalgo Villa-Zapata, Flickr, Creative Commons


The Vinlanders Social Club was formed in 2003 by members of the outlaw skinhead group known as the Outlaw Hammerskins. While many originally believed the group was many independent skinhead crews, it was later discovered that they operated as one entity. The VSC follows a racial version of Odinism and is known to have a reputation of heavy drinking and constant fighting.

The VSC was started in Indiana and Illinois, but then next was Ohio. The Indiana and Illinois chapter was called Hoosier State Skinheads while the Ohio chapter was called the Ohio State Skinheads. This is what first gave the impression that they were independent entities.

It is no secret that there have been serious problems between the VSC and the Hammerskins. When the recent pact was made, one would most likely not be far from the truth by saying that calling for the end of white-on-white violence was directed towards the VSC. In 2007, VSC claimed that they had reached a truce with the Hammerskins, but neither the Hammerskins or their allies said this to be true. Later in the years, it would appear that there was a truce between the groups.

In 2009, the VSC began having more and more legal problems. Members were arrested for beatings and murders. One member murdered his girlfriend and 2-year-old child. Other members were arrested for killing a white woman in a drive-by for walking with her African-American boyfriend. The group lived by their motto of “Take no prisoners.”


One of the most well-known white supremacist groups is the Aryan Nations. Richard Girnt Butler founded the group in the 1970’s in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The Aryan Nations has been referred to as the first truly nationwide terrorist network in the United States.

The Aryan Nations are based on the teachings of Wesley A. Swift. Swift was an influential figure in the Christian Identity movement. In the 1940’s he founded his church and later went on to host his radio show in the 50’s and 60’s.

From the 70’s until 2001, Butler kept total control over the Aryan Nations. The organization was controlled via a 20-acre strip of land near Hayden Lake. While other chapters did exist, they had very loose ties to the central group. In 2001, Butler was over 80-years-old and finally made the decision to appoint Harold Ray Redfeairn. Redfeairn would end up bringing Dave Hall into the group, who was an FBI informant. Redfeairn would later leave the group due to trust issues and passed away in October of 2003. Butler passed away in 2004.

The Aryan Nations went through splits that appeared to hurt the original group and the factions that came from it. The Holy Order of the Phineas Priesthood would end up seceding from the group and creating the Aryan Revival. The AR was created in opposition to acceptance of adherents of Wicca, Islam, and Odinism. In 2009, the Aryan Revival joined with Pastor Jerald O’Brien’s Aryan Nations out of Idaho.


The Texas Rebel Knights are another faction of the Ku Klux Klan. They claim to be an organization that “stands for the preservation, protection and advancement of the white Christian race.”

The TRK firmly believes in God and stands against equality and integration. They claim to love the white race and are willing to do whatever they must to defend and preserve it. The TRK believes that we are losing our country to non-whites due to immigration and refuse to live in a non-white controlled country. They are calling for the white race to come together before the white race becomes the minority, and the race is lost.

The TRK most recently made waves when they became one of the groups to hold a rally at the Islamic Center in Irving, Texas. Originally they had planned to rally at the mosque; that was until over 400 counter-protesters decided they would be there as well. Upon learning of the opposition, the TRK backed off of the threat of rallying at the mosque.


The Racial Nationalist Party of America is a collection of white men and women with different ethnic and religious beliefs that have come together to ensure the survival of the white race. The RNPA claim they are not against any individual or group who does not pose a threat to the survival of the white race. Instead, they claim to oppose communism, Zionism, and miscegenation which we view as genocide.

The RNPA was started by Karl Hand, a self-written in United States Senatorial candidate. Hand inadvertently found himself with the National Socialist White People’s Party. After affiliating and spending some amount of time with the NSWPP, Hand left the group to join the KKK. Hand would later go to jail for shooting an individual he claims was harassing his wife due to her beliefs. It was while he was in jail that Hand developed the idea for the RNPA.


The SS Action Group has been described as a group of guys that once looked like street bums, but then became uniform freaks. The SSAG is founded in Detroit, which should give you an idea of their threat level. Detroit is not the exactly the ideal area to begin a white supremacy group.

While some may see the group as radical racists, Raphael Ezekiel claims that is not the case at all. Ezekiel claims they use racism as a tool for politics. He claims there existence is to give them their voice. If they were to try to spread their message on the street without the Nazi propaganda, no one would listen. However, once they throw on a swastika, they receive the attention they desire.

The group preys upon young white males to join the group. Growing a young white male in poverty makes for the perfect recruiting grounds. The group brags of their attacks against homosexuals. Going out and hunting gay people is one of the quicker ways to gain prestige in the group. While the SSAG is a white supremacy group, it also appears that members may be looking for somewhere they are socially accepted and are given a sense of family.


The Phinias Priesthood is different than many of the other groups. Mainly because many do not even consider them to be a group. The reason behind this being that there is no governing body, there are no official gatherings, and there is no membership process that is truly known.

The Phinias Priests is a title for a vigilante who commits violent acts based upon the ideology in the 1990 book,Vigilantes of Christendom: The Story of the Phineas Priesthood by Richard Kelly Hoskins. In 2014, when Larry Steven McQuilliams fired over 100 rounds at a federal courthouse, a Mexican consulate building, and a police station in Austin, Texas, a copy of Hoskins book was found at his house. Others claimed that he had ties to the Phinias Priests, but those claims were later put to rest due to the belief that the group does not officially exist.

Before McQuilliams, in the 90’s there was a group of four men who were robbing banks and referring to themselves as the Phinias Priests. It is believed that the group did not go past those four individuals. With their presence at the April meeting and being claimed by the NSM as part of their umbrella, clearly there is more solidarity to the group than once believed.


The Aryan Strikeforce is a white nationalist organization that is known as a defense league of sorts to the white nationalist movement. The AS claims that their primary goal is to provide today’s adolescence with an alternative to the failed state of our Zionist government and to educate the youth about our heritage and culture.

Like many of the other groups, the AS stands against non-whites taking over our country and the mix-breeding of the white race. However, the AS places a much stronger focus on their anti-Zionism beliefs. They believe Zionism has watered down the white bloodline, morals, and values. Now they prepare to strengthen themselves to take the country back from those they claim have stolen it from the white man.

These groups that have battled throughout the years coming together could create a recipe for disaster. Bringing this many similar, yet different beliefs together and expecting them to work together is a perfect way of creating a very volatile situation both inside, and outside of the group. Only time will tell if bringing these groups together will be more dangerous for the group itself, or those they claim to oppose.

This report prepared by Meko Haze for Daily Haze.