US Does Not Back Federalism for Syrian Kurds: Experts

Kurdistan (KurdPress) – Two experts of Kurdish issues believe the recent visit of a U.S. top official to Syrian Kurdish regions in the north of the country does not mean that Washington recognizes federalism in the Kurdish regions in a near future.

The director of the Middle East Petroleum Institute, Dov Friedman, and David Romano, chair of Middle East politics at Missouri State University told ARA News that the recent visits of The US CENTCOM commander, General Joseph Votel, and the envoy of the U.S. president Brett Mcgurk to northern Syria do not mean a big change in Washington’s policy towards Kurds in Syria.

According to Friedman; Votel’s visit to the region will not result in more political recognition of the local administration set up by Kurds in Syria.

Kurdistan Image Source: Ferhates

Image Source: Ferhates

“I don’t think the commander’s military-oriented visit changes the interest in greater political recognition or its timeline. The morale of local fighters and U.S. advisers in the fight against ISIS is paramount,” Friedman told ARA News.

Romano agreed with Friedman that not much would change, in terms of political recognition.

“I doubt the Americans will recognize federalism in northern Syria any time soon. The political price for doing so vis-a-vis Turkey and other Syrian opposition groups would be high (assuming both of these continue to reject the idea) with no off-setting gains,” he said.


This report prepared by KurdPress News Agency.