‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ – Chinese Army Releases First Hip-Hop Recruitment Video

Beijing, China (Sputnik) – In an effort to increase its recruitment levels of Chinese youth, the People’s Liberation Army has released a new ad using hip-hop-style music and visuals that could rival a trailer for the latest Michael Bay movie.

“There are always missions in soldiers’ minds, enemies in their eyes, responsibilities on their shoulders, and passions in their hearts,” the video’s voiceover says, opening on an image of young PLA soldier in uniform.

“There could be a war at any time. Are you ready for that?”

The ad is part of a push to project China People’s Liberation Army, the largest fighting force in the world, as a modern military.

“The PLA is no longer the poorly equipped one that they saw from TV dramas, but a powerful force, as modernized as the United States military,” a publicity expert identified only as Jiao told the state-run China Daily.

To that effect, the video highlights the army’s most advanced weaponry, including J-11 fighter jets, Type-99A tanks, DF-11 ballistic missiles, and the country’s first aircraft carrier.

These images are juxtaposed with a song in the style of hip-hop, titled “Battle Declaration.”

“Roar with animal spirit, from the center to the border. Let’s go to war, let’s fight to win!” the lyrics read, along with additional provocative declarations including the oft-repeated phrase: “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The lyrics “hide neither combativeness nor a desire to fight,” the China Daily reports.

This is the first time that the Chinese military has used the hip-hop musical template in its recruitment efforts. Previous ads used music with traditional orchestral accompaniment.

China Daily reports that the lyrical content of previous patriotic songs were tailored to avoid sounding too aggressive.

Already comprising of roughly 2.3 million individuals, the PLA, if this African-American-influenced promotion is successful, is about to become even bigger.

This report prepared by Sputnik.