IS launches major offensive on Peshmerga positions

Baghdad, Iraq (KurdPress) – The militants of the Islamic State (IS) launched a major offensive on locations of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces on several fronts in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, military sources said on Tuesday.

Kurdish military sources pointed out that the jihadists carried out several car bomb attacks on the Peshmerga positions in the areas of Telskuf, Ba’shiqah, Khazar and Kweir, adding the Peshmerga forces were able to deter the IS attacks.

IS tries to breach defenses of the Kurdish forces in the vicinity of Mosul, northern Iraq, especially after the US-led coalition forces inflicted the group with heavy losses in its ranks.

Kurdish commander M.K. told ARA News that the IS-led offensive against their forces began in the early morning hours with several car bomb attacks in a bid to infiltrate into the Peshmerga-controlled areas in northern Iraq.

Kurdish YPG fighters Image Source: free kurdistan, Flickr, Creative Commons

Kurdish YPG fighters
Image Source: free kurdistan, Flickr, Creative Commons

“Then a number of [IS] suicide bombers tried to break into the Kurdish positions from several sides, but we were able to foil their attack,” the Peshmerga commander said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“Because of the victories achieved by the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk two days ago the IS tried to compensate its losses through launching suicide operations on strongholds of the Kurdish forces in the region,” Peshmerga Secretary General Jabbar Yawar told local reporters on Tuesday.

Speaking to ARA News, a security source from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces said: “The battles are still ongoing between the two sides [ISIS and Peshmerga] in the vicinity of Telskuf, Ba’shiqah, Khazar and Kweir despite the US-led coalition airstrikes on the group’s tactical units and positions.”

“The group is depending on hit-and-run tactic in the clashes areas,” the source said.

“However, after the Kurdish Peshmerga forces prevented IS terrorists from taking over key posts in the region, the terror group started to shell the Peshmerga headquarters with mortars and rockets,” the source added.

This report prepared by Kurd Press.