Interview With Rev. Christine Grace


Reverend Christine Grace is an ordained Unity Minister, and is currently the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Chattanooga in Tennessee. She has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is also a certified Life Coach through Coach for Life. Her passion is living Truth in all ways, and she loves to assist others in living their Truth. Her motto is “More to All and less to none”, and she believes as we each live our own Truth with a capital “T”, we all prosper.


  1. What do you see as the major concerns facing the earth and our species today?
Amit Goswami says, “Consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all existence.” Lack of consciousness and personal responsibility. To me taking personal responsibility means consciously choosing to do the inner work and from that place ultimately responding from Love . When we each realize that we are the Authority in our own lives, we are each the author of our own precious life, we will see a world that works for all….and it will be a world born of Integrity (Into Greatness I Am), the living Truth.
2.   Who are your favorite writers?
Allan Watts, John Randolph Price, Eric Butterworth, Charles Eisenstein, Lissa Rankin, Bryant McGill, Michael Singer, Michael Tellinger heart emoticon Paul Ferrini, Richard Bach, Paulo Coelho, Louise Hay, Richard Rohr, Gary Renard, and oh so many more…
3. What are the major misunderstandings you feel people who are antagonistic of spirituality might have?
We don’t know what we don’t know. The major misunderstandings are simply the definitions of words. Everyone has their own history or herstory with words and are triggered. Getting to the essence comes from conversations and dialogues and remaining open and receptive to one another. Many have been taught that it really isn’t okay to say what you really mean and mean what you really say. Major misunderstandings stem from an againstness mentality and to go beyond againstness takes the willingness to do do the work and unhook from these archaic limiting beliefs and realize (see with new eyes) that there is a place we can meet in understanding if we stay open to hearing one another.

4. How has spirituality transformed your material reality?


Spirituality, consciously choosing to see and experience Spirit in everyone and everything, has transformed, changed my form of thinking and therefor, being as my material reality. As I have allowed the Universe to have its way with me, because my core foundational beliefs have changed and I have chosen to redefine old ideas that limited me and pained me and felt like constant struggle, I have risen up in my own consciousness and therefor live in a material world reality that is Good.

christine5. How do we mobilize mass groups of people toward changing the material circumstances which bring about poverty, ecocide, and oppression? Is this possible through solely individual lifestyle change or only through a cultural evolution, or is it both?
Yes. This is possible through solely individual lifestyle change and therefor cultural evolution! Either way, cultural evolution or individual, as is same in Oneness. We mobilize mass groups of people by choosing to be the change, choosing to speak the Truth, choosing to put our money, thoughts, feelings, ideas, et al, where our mouths are. As we each do our healing work to end our individual poverty consciousness, ecocide and oppression, we cannot help but out-picture it. I don’t focus on what is not working, I focus on what is working and choose consistently to have my beingness come from this place … And when it doesn’t, do the work.
Education is key. Educare – to draw out from within, the true meaning of education. As we offer True Education, as we each do our part, unattached to whether or not someone else ‘gets it’, we prosper.
6. What can we do to build solidarity among communities of varying beliefs?
Come to the table together. Gather together and listen to one another. Invite all into our spaces and be in fellowship. As we come to know one another we realize that we all want the same thing. Peace.
7. What do you think we can do to put more decisions in the hands of those most effected, but disenfranchised by current institutions, rather than those who seek to use everyone’s energy for only their own selfish interests?
Again, begin inviting all to come forth. When I recently went to Nashville to the Legislature building to speak to representatives prior to voting for Bill 2414 which is not a good solution for Transgender bathroom issue in public schools, none of the representatives or senators had even considered having a conversation with the transgender teens to understand what would work for them. Lawmakers can first have a conversation with all those affected so that the brainstorming session allows the beautiful solution to come forth from the Allness.
8. How does your spirituality change the way you look at our current treatment of the earth?
When golf courses use more water than people, when we destroy a rain forrest the size of chicago in brazil every year, with infinite growth, and profit motives, can we through spirituality make these archaic concepts inert? I allow spirituality, the Truth of who and what I Am, to inform and therefor, reform me from the inside out. When I understand more of who and what I am, so much love is present that I would never want to create harm. I live by the mantra “More to All and less to none.” When I see people doing harm, I breathe into the space within and remind myself “they know not what they do” because if they did they would cause no harm. I have known and understood for so so long that we are interconnected with all of life, and that there is no one ‘out there’, and I see more and more people waking up to this Truth. THE KEY IS THAT I SEE AND I AFFIRM THAT “WE ARE ALL WAKING UP” AND THIS IS THE TRUTH THAT I SEE AND KNOW!
9. Any projects would you like to promote?
I am a facilitator of The Q Effect which is the short title for “The Art and Practice of Living With Nothing and No One Against You”. I  love this practice as it truly helps us each get free and stop projecting all over one another and the world. I am facilitating my first Q Effect workshop at Unity of Chattanooga on Saturday, April 30 from 9am-4pm and it is followed by a 21-day practice and 3 Thursday evening 90-minute Debrief Coaching conference calls. I am passionate about this work because it is a great modality for unhooking from all that no longer serves us and moving into our individual Greatness. It is one way, and there are many.
10. any final words for readers?
In order to live the life of your dreams, to be the Truth of who and what you are, you need to let go of who you are not. You are an original blessing and come from the origin of blessing. Truly the Truth sets us free, or not. There is no right or wrong, there is only Peace….Love….Joy. Choose.