Inside the Dump Trump Protest at the CA GOP Brunch

Burlingame, California (TFC) – Old Bayshore Hwy in front of the Hyatt Regency just south of San Francisco, CA amassed what could only be described as; A politically charged Facebook comment string in the street. The rally was composed mostly of Anti-Trump protesters, in whatever capacity that statement may mean to you. Numerous activist groups including; Brown Berets, Anti-Fascist, Anons, Blac Bloc, White Rose Society, Free The Nipple, and many others made up a group outside the hotel where Trump was the chosen speaker of the CA GOP Luncheon. A few Trump supporters did make an appearance and were largely outnumbered. The clash remained largely non-violent until gutless teenagers used childish antics to insight a small stupid quarrel.

Mostly, chants, and speeches were heard via megaphone against Trump’s presidential candidacy, and the ridiculous rhetoric that has resulted from his campaign. Protesters kept the police on their toes all morning from 11 AM to about noon just after the arrival their target. Rushing past poorly sprung barricades, protesters nearly gained access to the main front entrance of the Hyatt. It’s large plate glass entrance peppered with patrons watching the protest below. Some of whom sympathizers themselves, with smuggled in Banners that draped the front windows spanning four stories reading; “STOP HATE!”

I witnessed 2 people being ejected from the building with their banner being jeered on by the crowd.

Protesters hung long banners in protest of CA GOP.

Protesters hung long banners in protest of CA GOP.

Each time the police created a front line to block the protester’s advance, the group would rush one side or another, miraculously without anyone actually gaining entry to the Hotel. It is my opinion that everyone there understood, gaining entrance to that place without a reservation, or permission, meant staying a night in jail, if not worse.

So the protest stayed largely on Old Bayshore, and the parking garage driveway leading to a side entrance of the Hyatt. Protesters lobbed eggs, and other items at police, but did not dare push past their line.

The side entrance of the Hyatt


After the departure of Trump through the barricades blockading the freeway entrance at the rear of the venue the majority of the Anti-Trump protesters called that a day. There crowd reduced to roughly ⅓ its size… Still largely outnumbered the Trump supporters that decided to remain out in front of the Hotel.

This was the scene of teenage angst previously mentioned. Wherein, a large scale discussion was being had regarding everything from socialism, fascism, racism, sexism, Trump, other candidates, war… You name it, it was a topic of discussion. Just when Trump supporters decided they were outnumbered and in a fairly dangerous situation, the lead speaker of their group ordered they retreat. Smartly.

This didn’t stop a guy likely not even old enough to purchase a beer, from snatching the poorly strung American flag of a teenage Trump supporter inciting a short scuffle.

After almost jabbing the kid square in the face with the stick that held the flag, the anti-fascist protester then proudly displayed some oddly fascist pride in his action of strong-arming a kid’s trash. His group of supporters even backing the display, while taking it a step further and destroying the flag by fire.

Confusion abound, the two from previous mentioned scuffle chased each other down the street and behind a restaurant to where everyone expected a brawl. With nowhere to go but in the bay, the two parties split up at first sight of a police officer. Which was about a few seconds in front of myself. Both sides of the scuffle started singing to the state about each other’s childish antics. As should be expected. Trust none.

The crowd there moved back to Old Bayshore Hwy where the police had already started declaring the scene an unlawful assembly and militarizing themselves against we the people. One person was pulled violently from the police front line, sparking outrage from the group with which he had involvement. In a grand example of the divide between police and the citizens they swear to protect.

Woman angered by the assault on her friend stands toe-to-toe with police.

Woman angered by the assault on her friend stands toe-to-toe with police.

Finally, the crowd dispersed, the police stood down, and the patrons of the Hyatt Regency SFO got their entertainment for the day.

I only witnessed two or three arrests, but I’m quite sure there were a few more. The scene was sprawling and constantly changing. Many opinions and walks of life were on hand, and contributing. The dissidence, and more bluntly, the anger that can be heard in the voices of the people is apparent, and boisterous. If only now people would unite with each other to form actual change in this crony corporate society we call a country. Perhaps the anger would subside?

People were climbing over this barrier all afternoon.

People were climbing over this barrier all afternoon.

Some video courtesy: Brian David Sumner