Open Letter to Nicolás Maduro: You Will Step Down

Mr. Nicolás Maduro:

Rest assured that your time in office will be very short once the National Electoral Council president files the official form for recalling you.

Unless Tibisay Lucena is abducted by aliens, you should consider it an inevitability. The opposition has asked for this four times, and do you think they want to ask a fifth time?

We, as proud Venezuelans, want to work for the country’s reconstruction. Collecting the necessary signatures to establish a recall date will be simple: we just need an opportunity to get out of the endless lines Venezuelans must endure everyday for food, or maybe check out of a hospital where we are dying without proper care.

But if I start to list the reasons why you should step down, we may need a second article, which I’m sure you know as well as any of us.

You are a consequence of the ignorance embodied by Hugo Chávez — guilty of following the same game, of radicalizing misery.

You may ask for signatures, fingerprints, and even an affidavit if you wish to. We will do everything necessary to remove you from power.

You have abused the Venezuelan traditional bonhomie. Then again, I’m still not even sure that you are Venezuelan. You show such little love for your country, which starves and suffers in the name of your miserable ideology.

You may have your lackey Tibisay Lucena dominating the scene a little while longer. But unfortunately for you, we will use the rules of the game that you made against you. Delaying the recall will only force us to change the way recalls work.

This country is too great for you, as is the title of “president.” You may have the power, the weapons, and the anarchy you have propitiated.

But for a long time now, you have not have the people. All you have are threats of rebellion against your regime from those sick of living in fear of getting killed, robbed or being kidnapped.

See you at the polls,

The People of Venezuela

Image Source: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons Nicolás Maduro - Caricature

Image Source: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons
Nicolás Maduro – Caricature

Prepared by Thabata Molina of PanAm Post.

Thabata Molina is a Venezuelan reporter who focuses on public safety, violence, and penitentiary conflicts. She has contributed to national newspapers such asEl Nacional and El Universal for 12 years. Originally from Caracas, she now lives in Panama. Follow @Thabatica.