Iraqi Forces Liberate More Terrorist-Held Districts

Baghdad, Iraq (Tasnim) – Following the Iraqi Army’s shelling of positions of Daesh terrorists in al-Kartan area north of the city of Ramadi in Anbar province, Mohammed al-Maslawi, a leader of the terrorist group, was killed, according to the Arabic-language Al-Ahed news website.

In another operation, the Iraqi volunteer forces, known as Popular Mobilization Forces, managed to thwart an attack by Daesh terrorists in Baiji-al-Siniyah Road in Salahuddin Province, killing and injuring dozens of militants.

They also liberated the main road linking al-Siniyah to Haditha, also in Salahuddin, inflicting heavy losses on the Daesh Takfiris.

Iraqi forces have managed to liberate key areas across Anbar and other provinces from the occupation of Daesh over the past months with the most notable being Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi, which was retaken two months ago.

Preparations are underway for the recapture of Fallujah, which is the second largest city in the sprawling province.

The militants blitzed vast areas in western Iraq in summer of 2014 months after they captured territories in the north. Iraqi officials have vowed that they would purge Daesh from Iraqi soil in 2016.

This report prepared by Tasnim.