Interview with 99: Lavonne Mireles

“Not a body, an embodiment. Not a possession, passion. Not subjective, a collective. Meditating on practicing objective observing, application of life school lessons, transmuting negative experiences into positive realizations. A montage of all the moments.”

1. What got you into social justice?
My perception of humanity as a whole unit is what prompted my energy towards social justice, I can not be my optimal self if my peer’s are not.

2. Can our system be reformed or must their be a revolution to start a new system entirely?
The system as is, is diseased. There must be a revolution that results in a new system entirely. I believe that this will occur naturally as people start becoming empowered in their personal strength.
3. Do you lean toward magnanimous globalization or networked autonomy?
I personally like the idea of living without any ruler other than myself. Many philosophers have written about their different ideal living systems that could be applied and adapted to man. We must objectively, yet collectively co-exist here on our plane of existence. How can we learn to be our authentic self, if we are not allowed to make authentic decisions in regards to ones self?

4. what are your thoughts on fighting against Greenwashing?
We must all choose to join the fight against Greenwashing which can be achieved by voting with your federal reserve notes.
995. What do you see as the role of social media in our current fight against oppression?
Social media is the tangible version of our collective consciousness, we are educating and empowering ourselves towards the T.P.P.!! (lol) But, in all seriousness, I have faith that humanity will overcome oppression because I have observed homeostasis.
6. What do we do to fight sectarianism?
To fight sectarianism one must learn not to judge, to not judge one must recognize the ability to have empathy. As an objective human I have observed that when I practice judgement or fear of others-it is because I am insecure or opposed to whatever it is they are presenting. Basically, it is a personal issue. We can not tell one another how to be, we can only practice what we want to see.
7. What are your favorite things you’ve talked about on your Anti Media radio show?
My Anti-Media Radio show has been my personal record of my meditation to practice Love-On, Not-Off.  Which is a principle for living that I have adapted and share with my audience. Basically, you decide to let the moments of life school enrich your experience. Human Beings are brilliant, I know it and I strive to remind others of this truth!!!
8. Who are your favorite writers?
My absolute favorite writer is my Grandma Cleo Lavonne Bonk, she wrote many (unpublished) books throughout her life. I enjoy many genres of written word, currently enjoying Paulo Coelho and Desmond Morris. I have much appreciation for Eckhart Tolle, Matt Powers and Rosemary Gladstar.
9. Will making Marijuana legal profit those most who were never hurt by its prohibition in the first place?
I believe that the legalization of Cannabis will profit conglomerates, as it always has. Where they lack on convictions to generate revenue, they will succeed in obtaining ridiculous licenses that will allow certain parties to maintain control.
10. Any shout outs?
Much love to my ladies at the 99, my family at Anti-Media and my montage of teachers who collectively make me.