Not A Great Presidential Candidate? Try Not Even A Good Liar.

Washington, DC (TFC) – An outlet called Dark5 TV released a video five days ago which shed some light on the history, and even current events, surrounding Donald Trump. Some of the content of the video deeply negates Trump’s very few talking points he is using to rally people to blindly support his incredibly laughable presidential campaign.

Are you currently backing Trump, but cannot explain to others what your reasoning is for doing so? Or better yet, do you agree with Trump’s overtly flawed stance on immigration reform? If you answered yes to either question then this five minute video is a must watch.


Breaking down the information.

Eminent Domain – For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s definition is; “The right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.” Regardless of Trump’s unabashedly stubborn biases, even the most economically challenged individual can certainly understand that a property owner should be properly compensated when it comes to government or businesses seizing the land and property they own. However, flash back almost 20 years ago and; “Trump Inc. sought to have the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, condemn five small businesses in their way of a property deal.” Using the force of government to remove a person from their home, in order to park your limos is just an asshole move.

Father Of The Century – The media has fully exposed Trump’s comments regarding his own daughter. Recently, however, an old lawsuit between Ivana and Donald has been unearthed. Archived from the couple’s past was a lawsuit which Ivana (she was then known as Jill Harth) filed during their nasty divorce proceeding. In a deposition (sworn in testimonial evidence) Ivana accused Donald of raping her. Similarly, Newsweek reporter Harry Hurt III detailed in his book The Lost Tycoon the assault from the deposition alleging Trump was recovering from plastic surgery. They got into an argument where Donald became angry, and according to Ivana, he pulled out clumps of her hair before sexually assaulting her. 

Of course, today she’s not only recanting the sworn testimony with those attorneys but full on endorsing Trump for President. It should be mentioned that the judge ruled in favor of Ivana in that case due to “cruel and inhuman treatment.” The divorce also includes a gag order which bars Ivana from talking about that marriage without his consent. To top the entire situation off, Trump’s current attorney Michael Cohen went on the record defending his client with this false statement; “understand that by the very definition you can’t rape your spouse.” Trump, of course, is denying everything, including even the plastic surgery. This story begs at least two questions… if none of it happened, Donald, why did the judge rule in favor of Ivana? Why the gag order?

School of Trump – After reading this far, would it really be surprising to learn that Trump would create an institution behind which his greed could be focused on the middle class? During one of the worst economic downturns in this country’s history Trump decided he wanted to teach people the one subject he knows, real estate. Trump has had numerous lawsuits surrounding his botched attempt at a university. A term he can no longer use. 

Students and the State Of New York have pushed hard in their plight to land misrepresentation charges on account of being bilked out of their money. Just yesterday a NY State appellate court ruled in favor of allowing the lawsuit to go through. Trump has been dealing with this since 2013, with an estimated 5,000+ people that got duped out of roughly $40 Millon. However, these aren’t the only suits Trump is involved in. He has been named in 169 different Federal suits. How is this guy ever going to be in the White House? He’s too busy dealing with lawyers and court proceedings.

Foreign Labor – One of Trump’s only stances since the start of his campaign, and the only reason he has xenophobes flocking to his events is due to his very outspoken and frankly bigoted view on any human being that does not live within U.S. borders. One could argue that with all the Black Lives Matter protesters that have been thrown out of his rather violent events, he very tellingly doesn’t appreciate anyone of color, domestic or otherwise. Not, of course, if it means employment.

The irony runs thick with this one. Trump claims that he wants to “make ‘Merica great again” and “get ‘Mericans back to work.” It should start with his empire, but the National Review has reported that almost 95% of the domestic job applications received by Trump Inc. were turned down. In their place the company filed for hundreds of ‘H’ Visas for workers to enter the country. Trump wants to seal up the borders, unless of course those people (usually destitute) are willing to work for $8.00 an hour.

It should come as no surprise that in 1990 Trump dealt with a snafu in his hiring tactics when he allegedly hired illegal Polish workers for a demolition project. Of course, he wouldn’t accept responsibility for that, and dismissed the scenario by instead blaming it on the contractor. The judge in that case stated that his contractor knew that the Polish workers were doing demolition work.” Trump still denies this.

Do as I say, Not as I do – Trump will bash anyone he wants. If you listen to him at his rallies his campaign is riddled with insults towards pretty much anyone that gives even the slightest hint at criticizing him. In 1991, a documentary film about the mogul surfaced… That really is the scariest portion of this report for the public. The movie alleged that Trump has been involved with organized crime, has fabricated financial records, and has abused women. Interesting how that comes back up.

The film is called What’s The Deal and you can watch the entire thing here. Trump threatened a lawsuit at three major TV networks in an effort to prevent the doc from ever being aired. Trump has also promised that if he is elected POTUS that he will implement libel laws akin to that of royals in the U.K. Rather telling of his ability to take criticism… Does he not see the amount of Obama haters?

Do these five attributes sound like someone viable enough to have the pleasure of even making your acquaintance? Let alone be the Commander-In-Chief of our military, spokesperson for our country, and head of our oligarchy?