Israeli Police Detain More Than 1200 Palestinian Workers

Tel Aviv, Israel (IMEMC) – The Israeli Police said, Tuesday, that it detained more than 1200 Palestinian workers over the past two weeks, in different parts of the country for what it called “not carrying entry and work permits.”

Israeli Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the Police, including Border Guard units, initiated an extensive campaign in various areas, including many construction sites, to “locate and arrest all workers who entered the country illegally.”

She added that the campaign also targeted Israelis who hire them and help them stay without legal documents.

Samri attributed the campaign to “maintaining public safety, and security,” and added that the police also apprehended nearly 150 Israeli citizens, largely Palestinian, who provided them with jobs and places to stay.

"Abbey Road, Israeli version" by Carlos Latuff

“Abbey Road, Israeli version” by Carlos Latuff

She also said that the police raided and searched approximately 3150 targets, including construction sites and stores, for “providing work and shelter to Palestinian workers who entered the country illegally.”

This report prepared by IMEMC.