Interview With Mark and Lynna Cummings of Transition Radio


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Mark Angelo/Maritza and Lynna Arielle/Paul Cummings are a married gender variant couple who are the hosts of Transition Radio’s Real Talk Podcast, an online show that is now focused on helping people realize the importance and respect for others in the LGBA community, while at the same time finding truth and respect for self in the gender spectrum.

Mark/Maritza has been an advocate for the trans community since 2003 but she realized that it was taking a turn for the worst and now wants to help bring balance and much needed education to this broken paradigm. Their main focus is to help people realize that they can be true to themselves without inflicting harm on themselves and others, to learn to co-exist with other groups without forcing their beliefs and altruistic behaviors that only harm the natural flow of life and existence. We believe that through education and awareness, that many of these behaviors that are being forced upon the public are actually neurological and psychological in nature and there needs to be more education and different treatment solutions which includes a variety of spiritual treatments and a more organic harmonious approach.

John: Can you talk a bit about your early lives?

Mark: I was born in Havana Cuba, arrived in the US when I was 5 years of age. I struggled with fitting into society since I was not your typical female acting girl. I went through lots of ridicule from my family and friends. I got into bodybuilding at the age of 36, found out about trans culture at 38 years old. In less than 6 months I transitioned having had top surgery as well as a hysterectomy all at once on Dec 23, 2003. I married my then girlfriend legally in February 2004. Violet and I were married for over 10 years. I had a bad relationship with a trans women for two and a half years. Met Lynna on line, she was curious and came to be with me when she sustained a car accident that changed her life and mine. Lynna and I got married in July of this year and are now advocating against transitioning of youth and making sure that people realize that transition does not solve your problems, they will still be there and then some. People need to realize the truth of whom they are and feel free to express as they see fit without having to steal an identity from others.

Lynna: I was born in California from Puerto Rican parents who raised me as an Evangelical Christian. I married and had 5 children, although have struggled with gender issues since a very young age, but my accident made me realize many things, and although I still struggle with many issues, I have come to the understanding that no one can actually change their biology.

John: What got you interested in social justice?

Cummings: My interest in “Truth” (I know this is subjective for many), I guess you can call it social justice, began when I woke up in 2008. My awakening revealed to me that the world we are living in is based on lies, deceit, and led by those on top of the pyramid controlling the system. I believe in being of service to humankind, educating, and making connections. Wisdom is not at all the same as knowledge, knowledge is programable, wisdom comes with years and learning to listen to your inner guidance.

John: Do you still identify as Christian, what does spirituality mean to you?

Cummings: I am not a Christian, I am spiritual and believe in the connection with all living things, respect Mother Earth and all her children. I believe religion is based on Dogma, Spirituality is based on the connection with your higher self, going inward for your answers, not looking up to the sky. All we need is inside us. Lynna, my spouse, use to identify as a Christian, she no longer does, she has evolved in her way of thinking and now considers herself Spiritual as well. We both are from the Caribbean and are of Taino decent.

John: What are your views on feminism?

Cummings: I get a bit confused with all the different sectors of Feminism, liberal, rad fem and so on. I like to think of myself as a believer of Matriarchy. I think the war being waged against women is just another ploy to divide and conquer. I do believe that women have been belittled and hurt and need to rise up and take their rightful place here on earth. The old indigenous ways worked way better than the way of the modern “Man.” I think men and women need to heal, stop the fighting, and start realizing that we all need each other. We need to learn respect and to co-exist.

John: Would you mind telling us about your experiences in transition? Do you have any advice for those going through transition or oppression do to their transition?

Cummings: I transitioned back in 2003 when there was little to no information, YouTube was not around and there were only a few websites on the topic. I taught my general doctor what to do as far as the hormonal regimen, found a therapist who had dealt with other trans individuals, and my top surgery surgeon, in Florida, had never performed the surgery before, I was his first. He worked with cancer patients and performed Mastectomies. In addition, I also under went a hysterectomy at the same time during my top surgery. Everything took 7 hours on December 23, 2003. It was a hard road, shocked a lot of people and distanced my family, although they eventually grew to understand and accept my choices. I was a fierce advocate for many years, till the “truth” voice came into consciousnessm. I realized that I could never really be a man, that what I had done really did not solve a thing, and happiness is not something you buy at a doctor’s office, nor do you achieve it by changing your gender. Most people think their world will change after transitioning, and in reality the only thing that changes is how people look at you, and it is not always what you think. Many will appease you and go along with your choices, but in reality they will never truly understand. You find yourself being lonelier and an outcast. You can have health issues and your mind will start playing tricks on you. You see Gender Dysphoria is a sickness of the mind, nothing wrong with your body, unless you are an intersex person, what needs help is how you cope and deal with the life you have been given. Changing your gender solves nothing. I say don’t do it, being brave is about dealing with your challenges, growing as an individual, running away from who you are is not bravery, in my humble opinion.

John: What should parents of kids who don’t fit into the gender binary do to encourage individuality?

Cummings: To parents who are dealing with gender variant children I say “let them express”, don’t make them feel like they are broken, on the contrary celebrate their differences. That is what we need in this world, is differences. We have way too many cookie cutter paths and boxes, let us get out of these boxes and shine our light. If a boy is born with feminine attributes don’t call him a girl or try to change him, let him be extravagant and different, the same for a masculine girl. That is where the healing is, not changing and hurting your body, what does that solve?

John: What are your thoughts on gender as a social construct?

Cummings: I think of gender as personality, and sex a reproductive tool. People can’t ever change their sex, but can have various expressions and personality traits. Society pushes gender for its own selfish reasons, to sell products and to divide.

John: For those who might take um-bridge with your work, do you seek to stop adults from doing what they wish with their body and gender identitiy, deplatform, or remove from jobs, anyone who identifies as trans, or are you simply trying to show a different opinion to a social phenomenon you’ve had experience in? And, what would you say to claims of transphobia?

Cummings: The word Transphobia is just an intimidating word created by the trans mafia to silence people that don’t agree with them. It is very common these days to shame people when they are not PC. My mission is to educate, to help people realize that they are perfect the way they are. I want to help people realize that there is no shame in having a mental disorder that they can get help for it in other ways, instead of hurting themselves. Hurting their bodies by taking dangerous drugs and undergoing dangerous procedures solves nothing, trust me I have been there and back, I have heard hundreds of sad stories, many which stay in the dark and in silence. Of course adults are able to do with their bodies as they wish, but someone has to let them know what to expect, I know I would have not taken this path had I had more information and saw the ramifications of others. This whole picture the trans community is painting that if you are against them you are creating an act of violence is just paranoia and flat out lies. They create the boogie men, like the term TERF, really what is that? Real women worried about what men are doing, calling themselves women, when in fact, most of these trans women wouldn’t know the first thing about being a female. It is all about dress up, fun and games and proving themselves to others. I know, I have dated and lived with many trans females and I can tell you, they know nothing about being a female. All I can say is look at Jenner’s latest statement: “the hardest thing about being a woman is knowing what to wear.” It is a circus and a joke if you ask me. Women are raised, they are born little girls and socialized, quickly learn that they are different from men by all the abuse they sustain, the pain we go through is like no other. Try being sexually molested for 4 years of your life from someone you are suppose to trust. We bleed every 28 days, learn that if we don’t put out we will do without, we are bullied and our worth is based on our looks. This is a man’s world, and now the latest ploy is men wanting to be women. You want to sympathize with them, help them rise up from all they have had to sustain through history, great, but mocking them, that is just wrong.

If people want to express, dress and be themselves by all means do, but why must you claim womanhood or manhood when in reality sex is non-negotiable, biology is biology, unless you are an intersex person and even then, you are still assigned a sex at birth. So bottom line, I am not the enemy, I am just a messenger, a messenger with lots of experience under her belt. Yes you heard right, although legally I am a male, my legal name is Mark Angelo Cummings, but my heart and every cell in my body is that of a female. I had a moment of madness and did things I should have never done and can’t reverse, but you betcha I am going to let my voice be heard and if I can help someone find their true path, not the path they think they should take, then I will.

John: Isn’t conditioning by definition able to be overcome if one is consistently conditioned differently?

Cummings: Humans have been conditioned by the upper class since the beginning of time, what we eat, wear and think most of the time does not even come from within. I think when we learn to listen to our inner voice and stop looking for answers outside of us, we tend to find peace and real wisdom. We are living in a world that is synthetic and vile. Nothing is what is.

John: Do you think it’s possible some people really do transition and live a wonderful life happy with their decision?

Cummings: Transgender in my opinion is not even real, people think they do, but in the end how can you run from who you are. According to Dr. Berger, a psychologist, ‘Transgendered’ are people who claim that they really are or wish to be people of the sex opposite to which they were born, or to which their chromosonal configuration attests,” “Some times, some of these people have claimed that they are ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ or alternatively ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’.””The medical treatment of delusions, psychosis or emotional happiness is not surgery,” Dr. Berger stated. I believe this as well. I believe people think they are happier after transition and some may find some relief in their misery at first, but after years pass, the same misery returns. There are countless numbers of transitioners who continue to feel anger, anxiety, depression and loneliness even after transition. Lots detransition in silence. I find that there are intersex individuals who transition and find some balance, but most individuals who have no intersex condition never truly find happiness and in the end enter a stage of exhaustion. Many take their lives, become involved in addictive behaviors, sexually deprived and isolated.

Here is the article I quoted Dr. Berger from.

John: What would you say to those who say people are acting out of fear rather than understanding when they disallow trans people into their safe spaces?

Cummings: Men who claim to be women based on how they “feel” are not women and have to understand the issues that many lesbians or genetic woman have with having men in their sacred spaces. This again turns into a battle of the male privilege socialization, men wanting what they want. They are not lesbians or women. Since when do we let the deluded have their way. I am sorry but gender identity disorder is a mental disorder, nothing to do with the body. Anorexics think they are fat, do we allow them to starve themselves further? Trans women want to have people see them as women, they are not, and should come to terms with that. Really we are talking reality here, not some Sci-fi version of what we feel we are or should have been.

John: Do you feel trans-antagonism is a better term?

Cummings: Well first off, never heard of the term transantagonism, is it another one of the many newly created words by the trans community? Like Cis, lol. But if you mean do I agree with antagonizing a group of individuals who identify as trans, or am I creating an oppression against them, or do I agree with those that do, I would have to say that we are all entitled to question behavior that does not appear sane. I can grasp homosexuality, bisexuality and any form of sexual expression as long as it does not hurt anyone. I can grasp expression, needing to step out of a gender box and be, but I can’t grasp people forcing their identities on others, threaten others with violence, then claim to be the victims. I have known and know many in this community who are really in need of mental help and are a walking time bomb. Take a look at just a few of the slurs and behavior that women have had to face from trans identified individuals.
I can personally tell you the accounts many have given me, and the threats I have received from some of these nut jobs. These individuals need help badly and has nothing to do with changing their gender.

John: What if we have better medical practices and we can do more toward transitioning safely, would that alter your opinion?

Cummings: There is nothing that can be done to make this safer, it is unnatural and in the end not possible. People may alter their bodies and think they are changing their sex, but in reality the body knows it is not a possibility. Playing with dangerous synthetic hormones and blockers that have a slew of side affects is not healthy nor productive. Altering your body is mutilation and causes your body to go into tremendous shock. Do you know the individuals that undergo SRS are never the same? Their mental health as well as physical wellbeing is forever destroyed. Every cell in our body is programmed to be the initial sex we are born as, the subjective findings that are being used to say a person is trans is just that, subjective. The option is to live our lives in peace with who we are, expressing as we wish as we did in ancient times. I am sure there are many people that wish they were taller, skinnier, handsome, born with blonde hair and blue eyes. I am sure there are people that wish they looked different from how they look, and the cosmetic industry is making a killing with them, but in the end, they all fall pray to their narcism and many end up dying. Just look at Michael Jackson, plagued with wanting to be white, where did he end up? Joan Rivers, queen of plastic surgery, where did she end up? You see the unnatural catches up with us in the end.

John:  It seems once something begins there is no way of putting that part of society back in the box, so regardless of anyone’s attempts at pointing out the supposed dangers or misconceptions, were on the path toward the end of gender and a new way of understanding. So what would you recommend for conversations with trans people in terms of collaborating beyond disagreements?

Cummings: Frankly I believe the trans community is shooting themselves in the foot and there will be what we call Trans peak moments for all, people are starting to realize the madness in this and as quickly as they were starting to accept it, as quickly as they will start to refuse it. When more and more people start to de-transition and children start to get hurt from this, society will refute it. There is also the factor that there are way too many people who have no business transitioning, it is a fetish to them, an obsession. The few that might fall into the category of being truly transsexual whatever that may mean, are small and blend in. The rest are just a bunch of attention seekers who have actually destroyed the essence of trans. Gender needs to be abolished, the trans agenda is promoting gender, not abolishing it.

John: What are your thoughts on bionics?

Cummings: Never really given bionics much of a thought, I am more of a naturalist and prefer the ancient ways over the new improved techno world. I think the more advanced our species gets, the dumber we become and more dangerous. I am sure there is a way of co-existing and there are lots of advantages, but I will stay with my old fashioned views and prefer a world that is more natural.

John: What can men do to help fight patriarchy?

Cummings: What can men do to fight patriarchy is a difficult question. In my opinion, life would have to take a 360 turn, and the sexes would have to undo so much hurt and be willing to heal. I don’t blame men solely for what has taken place. I think both sexes need to take responsibility and be willing to forgive, heal and move on. I long for the days that corporations fall apart, that humans take their power back and stop living their lives based on ego, that everything that we do is done from the heart and not our minds. I know I am dreaming but somehow I feel that if we all evolved emotionally and stop being so materialistically driven, giving value to people and not money, we can accomplish so much.

John: What are your thoughts on civilization?

Cummings: I believe civilization has destroyed us, we were better off as indigenous people, at least we cared about the earth, each other and were not driven by greed. Civilization has actually made us into robots, machines and emotionally void individuals, putting more emphasis on material things and less aware of our emotional needs. We have become mentally damaged because we were never meant to live the life we live.

John: If lgbtqai allies still disagree, but respect your opinion, what would you say to the trans communty in attempts to reconcile your differences and work toward solidarity and intersectionality?

Cummings: I want humans to stop living in boxes and labels, I want them to realize how they are being used as pawns, pitting us against each other by those on top of the pyramid. We all want the same thing, and that is to be loved. But love starts from within. If you can’t love yourself the way you are, and are placing conditions, then that is not love. I am not their enemy, I am someone who has walked the path, has realized that happiness is not found in changing your gender, gender is just a mirage, a tool to divide and deceit. Men and woman are not that different aside from reproduction, we are pretty much all the same. All I want is to get people to think, to think outside the box, to honor themselves and their bodies, that they were given their body and life for a reason, to say they are wrong for being born a gender they despise, is self hate, not love. I want them to realize that no matter what they do, they can’t change reality, I know it hurts, and it hurts bad. They were told they were wrong for acting or being a certain way, and now they want to run away. But running solves nothing, facing your challenges and accepting themselves is the true way to find happiness and to heal.

John: Any final shout outs or thoughts?

Cummings: I want to thank everyone that has been part of my life, all my girlfriends, ex wife, the male figures in my life that hurt me and started the ball rolling and the path I chose in my life, if it weren’t for them I would not have ever set forth on this journey and have grown as an individual. I don’t regret my choices, I am not angry, I am not bitter and I have made peace with who I am. However, I do realize now that all along the happiness I searched for was already in me, I had to do nothing to find it, it was already there. I want to thank my parents for their involvement, interaction and upbringing, they too played a major role in my decisions and I want to let them know I love them and forgive them. I want to say I am sorry to my siblings for putting them through what I put them through and for not being strong enough at the time to stay. Finally, I want to thank Lynna Arielle Cummings my spouse, twin soul and best friend for helping me put all the final pieces of my life together and helping me finally make sense of my crazy life. Lynna has played a tremendous role in my life, more than she/he will ever know.

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I wrote a book called the Mirror Makes No Sense

I even was responsible for introducing Jazz Jennings to 20/20

In the time between we conducted this interview and before it was published, I received an email informing me that Mrs. Cummings, no longer follows radical feminist ideology. The rest of this interview is conducted since her departure from this thinking:

p.1. You’ve recently stated you changed your mind about radical feminism, what prompted this shift and ideology and where do you stand now?

After seeing the separatist mentality, hatred towards men and the lack of compassion for trans women, who I am married to, I had a change of heart on how I view and believe in things. This holiday, we decided to take a trip to South Florida which we are moving to in a few weeks, the time away from social media and being around my sister and her female lover, really got us thinking. My sister is very spiritual and certain things she said, touched my heart. She asked me, how could I be so against trans women when I was married to one? Also, she explained that my detransition was personal and that not everyone feels the same way as I. I guess hearing these words from my younger sibling, touched my soul and hence my change of heart. I started seeing things differently, had several revelations of which allowed me to see things clearer.

I see feminism as a divisive force, only looking out for themselves and making men and trans women the target of their fear and hate. The only way to heal and solve things in life is through love. Our New Year Resolution was to love everyone and meet them where they are at. I no longer wish to talk against or stop anyone from transitioning. It is their journey and life. I have detransitioned, it has been 3 months since I have not been on hormones. I feel great, a sense of relief and a peaceful heart. I just want to love, not hate. I want the world to be kinder and accepting of trans people, and no matter if its right or wrong, we need to love them, accept them and support them.

Transition was wrong for me, but it may be right for someone else. I am happy to reconnect with my female self and help others become aligned with whom they are. And that is how it all changed. here is the link to our new bio

p.2. what would you say to radical feminists now and is there any way in which radical feminist critique can help the trans movement?

That I am very disappointed at their treatment of Lynna and other trans women. In order to truly undo the patriarchy they need to bridge the gap between themselves and the trans community. Their critique is not founded on hard facts, instead they are pilling everyone on the same boat, using the life long struggle and hatred of men to pursue their anti trans campaign. They need to realize that trans women do not identify as men, and they are doing to the trans community is what men have done to them. The union of the two types of women can only make their plight stronger, instead of refusing to acknowledge that both suffer the same fate in the hands of men who will stop at nothing till they continue the life long pursuit of patriarchalism.