Videos: Edward Snowden At 2016 C.E.S.

Image Source: AK Rockefeller, Flickr, Creative Commons Snowden

AK Rockefeller, Flickr, Creative Commons

Las Vegas, NV (TFC) – Dr. Peter Diamandis The CEO of the XPrise organization landed an interview at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show with former NSA Security Contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden. The interview took place the same way as the Ted talk of 2014, via Beam. A device that; “Allows users to interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space.”

In June 2013 Snowden left his job with Booz Allen Hamilton as a NSA contractor. He leaked thousands of documents to media personnel that revealed the NSA’s massive domestic spy program that pulls billions of dollars in funding every year to effectively spy on US citizens under the guise of keeping us safe from terror.

For almost 3 years now this topic has sparked major debates among those here in the states, as well as abroad regarding government interference, privacy, and rather sadly… Whether the act of revealing government secrecy should be a crime. It should be noted that the NSA has not thwarted a single terrorist attack.

Today Snowden is purported to be somewhere in Russia. As the country has granted him asylum after the US Government decided to bring charges up on him for theft, and espionage. He makes appearances here and there though and has a documentary that’s also very worth the watch. And with technology in an ever increasing advance rest assured Snowden will be reaching out more with his plight. Much the same as he does in the following videos from the recent CES.

In the videos below Diamandis and Snowden discuss technology, security, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality where Snowden does not back down on his stance against massive surveillance. And reaffirming that almost every move you make can be tracked by the government for a purpose that has been zealously questioned, but gone too long unanswered.