Sleeper Cells infiltrate US media

sleeper cellsWashington, DC (TFC) – The Fifth Column has launched the first phases of its video and radio operations. When TFC started, the objective was to completely infiltrate and undermine the corporate stranglehold on the flow of information. It is necessary to produce more than just written content to achieve this. This is without a doubt the largest undertaking The Fifth Column has attempted. Our projections suggest some aspects will take eight to twelve months to become fully-operational.

Online Projects:

Sleeper Cells: Our video production teams are currently producing original content and carrying out investigations taking you deeper inside stories than you’ve ever been before. At the same time, will feature curated video content from across the independent media.

Voice of the Infiltration: The Fifth Column’s 24/7 streaming radio station. News updates, commentary, radio shows, and coordination codes are already part of our daily programming, but most of the day is filled with an eclectic variety of music. As the station grows, there will be more and more programming and less and less music. You can listen via the player on any site in the TFC network, through this direct link, or through the TuneIn app on your phone.


Anticipated FAQs:

Why is it called Sleeper Cells? Obviously, it fits with the network’s branding. Beyond the clandestine meaning, however, the term “cell” can also be applied to aspects of both video and radio production.

What kind of videos can we expect? Beyond the typical in-depth reports you’ve grown to expect from the TFC network and the on the ground breaking coverage you would expect from any news organization, the channel will feature documentaries as well as special projects. As an example, we currently have someone inside one of the most controversial subcultures in the United States filming and documenting what it’s really like behind the scenes. You can expect the release of the first of these reports in late March or early April.

How do I get my vlog, podcast, radio show, or other content on Sleeper Cells or Voice of the Infiltration? Send us links and your contact information.

How do I become involved with Sleeper Cells? Contact us.

What should I do to stay informed? Like the Sleeper Cells Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.