Scott Boman’s Appeal Denied – Video evidence still missing

Scott Boman, injured.

Detroit, MI (TFC) — I’ve written before about this collection of injustices twice before, in pieces titled “Wayne County Community College District Professor Convicted of Trespass on His Own Campus” and “Scott Boman Appeals Unlawful Arrest, Detention, Assault, and Property Seizure“, and this serves as an update to both of those pieces.


Since the last article, two things have happened.

Firstly, in what was an undeniable perversion of justice, a man who was brutalized by police, denied recording capability, locked in a room, and removed from the campus where he was employed as staff, all on trumped-up and ridiculous charges, is now a convicted criminal in the state of Michigan, after the presiding Judge Cynthia Hathaway ruled against his recent appeal, completely endorsing all claims made by prosecution. From the official record:

This Court finds sufficient evidence exists to convict Appellant for violating Detroit City Code 38-7-4(C), Appellant’s 4th amendment rights were not violated when he was ordered to cease and desist from taking pictures and video recordings. Detroit City Code 38-7-4(C) was properly applied to Appellant, whose motion for directed verdict was properly denied by the district court. Therefore, the district court’s ruling is undisturbed and this case is remanded back to the district court, as this Court does not retain jurisdiction.

He received sentencing from a Judge Roberta Archer, dated to January 29th this year. On his GoFundMe page for legal fees, he says:

The prosecution wanted to impose both a fine and community service while putting this “serious crime” on record since I was supposedly “disrupting an election and was a threat to campus security”… Really!

Well, I got stuck with a $375 fine and a criminal record, but no community service. Mine was one of the last cases to be adjudicated so I noticed this fine was typical of those standing before Judge Archer today.

Additionally, Boman has reason to believe that the cameras on campus were, indeed, recording the incidents, and that these recordings were withheld, as well as possibly, intentionally, destroyed, along with his phone footage. If this is true, it means that him being assaulted, cuffed, led to what amounts to a closet, brutally taken down in that closet for asking questions, or asking for water, and put in a cuffed position that led to loss of limb mobility, and requiring physical therapy, were not only documented, but suppressed, thus deepening his notion that this was orchestrated as a kind of political tactic against him, and maybe those like him. From his account, on Examiner:

As soon as Boman started taking pictures of the illegal signs, WCCCD Security Officer Olivia Moss-Fort stormed out of the polling place and shouted, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Boman responded that he was taking pictures, and continued to do so since the officer would not tell him which law he was violating. He also began recording a conversation which he had started with a poll worker regarding his concerns.

Boman then attempted to join other candidates and volunteers who were handing out campaign literature in the area. While Boman was passing out his cards, he says that Moss-Fort swatted his hand, and two or three additional officers threw him to the ground, breaking the skin on his right shoulder. He was then cuffed and led away.

“I lost control of my right arm,” he said. “They kept me bound, isolated and without water for 3.25 hours, to intimidate me from attending a candidate forum.” He also said that the officers laughed at him while he was stuck in handcuffs.

Whatever happened, it’s clear that this incident has implications that are further-reaching than the obvious, that being a story of a victim of police abuse being misserviced by a justice system that cares more for meeting the desires of violent, crooked, campus cops than it does even addressing the needs of members of the possibly aggrieved and mistreated public. The court records for the entire case, along with this final blow to Boman, labeling him a criminal, show he has some stiff opposition, with courts who almost consistently tow the state’s line, but he’s positive about pursuing legal action related to the possibly suppressed camera footage, and will likely keep fighting these people as long as he can. From the GoFundMe page:

[N]ow I get to tell my story every time I get asked if I have a criminal record. This should be almost as fun as telling people about a snowball fight in the 1980s when I would be asked if I had ever been arrested or been in jail.

Now I will rest, and get comfortable with my new status as a convicted criminal.