Ohio’s Response to Lavoy’s Death in Burns, Oregon

A member from the Ohio group SHTF presents the folded flag, honoring Lavoy Finicum, to a silent crowd of 55 in Columbus, Ohio.

A member from the Ohio group SHTF Preparedness Group presents the folded flag, honoring Lavoy Finicum, to a silent crowd of 55 in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, OH (TFC) – January 26th, 2016 Robert Lavoy Finicum was gunned down by federal agents in Burns Oregon. Tensions were already high in the patriot, activist, and militia movements with everyone wondering how the standoff would end. I think as many who predicted it were still just as shocked when the news came through of Lavoy’s murder. Heartbroken, outraged, betrayed, the list of emotions felt around this country began to sink in. The standoff became very real. A life was lost. While many argue the details of those involved and the rights and wrongs of the occupation, a much bigger picture was being seen by many. Robert Lavoy Finicum was someone many could identify with. Not an extremist, not an agitator, not anyone famous. He was a husband, a father of 11, a grandfather of 19 with three more on the way. He was also a cowboy, an active church member, a foster parent and much more. Headlines and media tend to remove the life out of people. It is up to us to restore dignity to this man’s legacy.
On Sunday January 31st, 2016 Ohio decided it would do just that. With activists, patriots, militia, anonymous, and community members the decision was made that Lavoy Finicum would be honored for his sacrifice. The event titled Ohio Honors a Hero: Lavoy Finicum was created. Within 4 days the page had around 54 dedicated to going. Last count from the event was 55 that came out that day. We met at a small park area in the Arena District of downtown Columbus, Ohio. As people arrived at the rally point handshakes, hugs and warm introductions were made. Clint Janney took the opportunity to speak to the public on the megaphone. He proudly let the community know why we were there and that the constitution, our freedoms and our liberties were under attack. Many of the 55 gathered had American flags, III% flags, “Don’t tread on me” flags, and home-made signs. Two gentlemen came with blue tarps wrapped around them as a tribute to Lavoy who was known in the media for having a blue tarp draped over top of him. A few of those gathered had anonymous masks either on their arms or worn backwards. Some came wearing as much red white and blue as they could. There was a diverse crowd of men and women, of all ages, from many groups across Ohio all standing together in a show of unity, solidarity and remembrance.
The group began their few block march down to the F.B.I. building. Upon arriving, everyone gathered around the bottom of the steps and turned their attention to Jeremy Deeter. He addressed the crowd speaking on unification of people and groups. Calling upon the police that were present at the event to join us, stand with us. He went on to speak of the importance of having the militia as protectors in our communities. But most importantly his emphasis on a unified state that stands together as people to fight against the wrongs we are all witnessing around us.

Once Deeter was done speaking three gentlemen representing the Ohio group SHTF Preparedness Group

This photo was taken with the intention of it being sent Finicum's family with the flag and a letter.

This photo was taken with the intention of it being sent Finicum’s family with the flag and a letter.

,  climbed the stairs of the federal building and got into position to honor Lavoy with a flag folding ceremony. The crowd removed hats, became silent and everyone stood in respect as to what was taking place. The flag ceremony really solidified in hearts and minds what exactly many were feeling. A man, with literally everything in life going for him, chose to sacrifice his life and freedom in order to stand up for what was right. For those who would be unable to go to Oregon to attend the funeral, we were witnessing a final tribute, a last goodbye. This flag, along with the group photo and a note will be sent to Lavoy’s family this week as a token of respect and love from the state of Ohio.
The occupation alone created a great divide in the Patriot movement. But his death. His death has been honored through those generally out of the public eye, standing strong and putting differences aside. We’ve witnessed many activists who screamed “awaken the masses” and “where are the militias?” Well here they are and many of those screaming for what was just listed only want to argue, troll, discourage and attack. We were not born awake. It takes time for reality to set it. Regardless of your personal beliefs it is extremely difficult to sway a person with faith. The truth is Patriots are detained, incarcerated, investigated and harassed by federal agents daily across this country. Why don’t you hear about it? Based on what I’ve gathered through conversations the Patriots handle their affairs without raising a big fuss. I’m here to tell you that this is going to change. Groups that are considered to be polar opposites have a lot more in common than many choose to believe.

The death of “Cowboy” Lavoy Finicum was not in vain. Lavoy was member of the resistance. He stood tall and strong in a way many will only type on their keyboards. Lavoy and those in Oregon took a stand. That’s what happened. The original Black Bloc occupied a public space and fought police for nearly twenty-four hours until the mayor finally changed an unjust law. The men and women in Oregon never once became violently with any “authority” figures. There are many levels in the resistance and they are all needed. Lavoy’s murder ignited a fire in the hearts of thousands around this country that many have been doubting were even still present. His stand, his murder will be known as a sacrifice that changed the hearts and minds of the people. Never have we seen such a strong call from the patriot movement to unify, to join forces not only with each other but with people from many walks of life to stand strong as one people. Our differences have kept us divided for so long. Too long. The one thing the government fears the most, the one thing they spend billions of dollars a year to stifle is unity among the people. This is simply because a unified people is their only threat. We are seeing the faint whispers of a great country we once knew disappearing before our eyes. The flame of liberty being blown out with the fierce winds of corruption, oppression, and brutality. But we the people have awoken. This torch of freedom will be passed on. The flame will be brighter than it ever has before. Remember who we are as a people. Remember what we have been given. The sacrifices that have come before us. The sacrifice made by Lavoy. The sacrifices we must make in order to ensure our children, our state, our country does not lose the principles and liberties this country was founded upon. It is our responsibility to do these things. No one is coming to save us. We can and must save ourselves. Alone it is impossible but together it is inevitable.