Ohio to Oregon: Unifying of Liberty

Photo credit: Oregon III% An Anonymous member holding a sign at the unified rally in Oregon.

Photo credit: Oregon III%
An Anonymous member holding a sign at the unified rally in Oregon.


2,544 miles of American ramparts and landscapes separate Columbus Ohio and Coos Bay County Oregon from one another. The Malheur Wildlife Refuge in OR is a little closer at 2,207 miles away but; on February 13th, 2016 the people of these states stood together as brothers and sisters with incredible understanding. Attendees with backgrounds truly representative of a melting pot.

Perfect strangers from across this great expanse are finding out that what they feel and believe is the same. These folks range in age and vary as greatly in personal-politics as much as they do their methodologies for liberty. What has bound them to one another is a shared sense of urgency concerning their nation and a broken-heart that has built their resolve to re-gain a foothold to reason. After discerning for themselves that this country is worth standing up for; these Americans have welcomed all to rally/protest/demonstrate etc…. that share in the like-mindedness of re-gaining their country as priority over all other distractions, prejudices, or divisionary tactics.

Both states held events on the same day that bear such a striking resemblance in turnout and spirit to one another that the kinship would be impossible to ignore. Groups that plan public events have been type-cast in the media as having only one particular group of people at their events but those days seem to be long in the past, at least for these two states. From 3%ers and Militia to Hemp Activists, Anonymous, Cop Block, Juggalos, Alternative Media, I Will Not Comply, Anarchists and families that brought their children; both states were witness to the same transformative experience of watching people from diverse walks of life join with one principle focus for freedom.

Once the Ohio event “We The People” was over, the Coos Bay County Oregon 3% started their “Whose Land? Our Land” rally. The Ohio event was a solidarity rally while the Oregon event was purposed to speak out against illegal BLM overreach. When both events were over, pictures and videos started to burn up the interwebs and quickly showed the Camouflage, Anonymous masks, and children with like-minded-signs at both events. Photos accurately convey both the variety of people concerned about U.S. Gov’t self-appointed rights and privileges as well as the timeless American-spirit of those who refuse to live without their freedom.

As Americans watch their country change, many have decided it will not happen without their voices being heard and their presence known. This has been no more apparent than in Oregon with the recent death of Mr. Finicum and the standoff that just recently ended at the wildlife refuge. The tone of the American people is changing. Dignity of choice and general unity-speech is taking place over the usual commercial-sponsored coffee talk and tired rhetoric from televisions. People have realized that all of the tactics used to divide us are no more than a list of all of things that have to be done to keep us from remembering our collective strength. State-sponsored-media is no longer controlling the public through fear but rather has become a tool to recruit families and organizations to gather in the streets.

Oregon patriot

The good-people of these two states have come to realize for themselves that no one is coming to save them. From cold rain to 9 degree temperatures, none of the people out this early February were fair-weather or sunshine-patriots. After working all week then coming down from Roseburg (a town that recently witnessed its own tragedy in Oregon) to stand in almost-freezing rain……Well, let’s just say that Activism and Patriotism takes the grit needed to change a nation.

Remember, the founding mothers and fathers of America are not turning over in their graves over what the tyrants, that they knew were coming, are doing; they are fixed on you that profess liberty’s cause and are learning to take the steps they once took. As expressed by a Coo’s Bay County Oregon 3%er “From Oregon to Ohio, we take the cause of liberty personally.” The tone of this nation is changing and one cannot help but wonder if it is the true “Sleeping Giant” this nation needs. At the current rate of growth for these parties, everyone may soon be asking themselves how history will record them and believe in the power of this giant soon enough.

These people stand in whatever ways they are able too for something larger than what they could ever be. Understanding that no matter a persons beliefs or an organizations creed, if they are wiling to drop all of the issues that have kept us from standing shoulder to shoulder in preservation of what we all hold dear; then in the finest of American traditions, sharing time with one another becomes a way to heal one another and re-learn our unity in these “United States”.