Governor Snyder had the nerve to offer a 30% discount for toxic water

Flint, Michigan (DailyHaze) – Day after day we learn more of how Governor Snyder and his administration failed the people of Flint, since the beginning of a dangerous water crisis. His latest actions are a direct reflection of how little he has done to fix the situation for the people.

Governor Snyder has found it in his heart to try and work with the people of Flint on the bills that they have been receiving, for the same water that has been poisoning them. Yes, the people of Flint are still being charged a water bill, even with everything we know now about the Flint Water Crisis.

Snyder announced a proposal on Wednesday that would allocate money from the state to pay for part of Flint resident water bills. This bill would put $30 million towards paying a percentage of residents water bills until the water is once again safe to drink.

“I agree with Flint residents, that they should not have to pay for water they cannot drink.”

What Snyder meant to say, was that Flint residents should not have to pay full price for water they cannot drink. This was a disturbing move for Snyder. It acted as a direct slap in the face to Flint residents. For well over a year, residents of Flint have been paying full price for water that has literally poisoned their children and now Snyder is basically trying to set things right with a coupon. Someone may want to remind Snyder that he is not dealing with an angry customer at Burger King.

The message is clear. We understand your water is unusable due to it being toxic and poisoning the residents. That is why we are only going to charge you 70% of the normal bill. Even though it is undeniable at this point of who is at fault, we do not feel that the full responsibility should fall on us. Let’s fix this together guys.

Image Source: James Niland, Flickr, Creative Commons Color Play 2

Image Source: James Niland, Flickr, Creative Commons
Color Play 2

So what would Flint residents be paying after Snyder’s discount?

The Huffington Post reported that in 2014 the average Flint resident’s water and sewer bill was $140. Flint water bills are also said to be higher than neighboring communities. So if Snyder has his way, that would mean the residents of Flint would only be paying about $100 for water that they cannot use. Brilliant!

Harsh criticism over Snyder’s most recent proposal is only one problem to come this week, as more emails have been obtained. Spoiler alert, they show that Snyder’s administration was fully aware of the rise of Legionnaires’ disease almost one entire year before it was announced.

The emails were obtained by Progress Michigan and were dated March of 2015. The rise of Legionnaires’ disease is the focus of the emails. The former Department of Environmental Quality Communications Director, Brad Wurfel, sent one email to Harvey Hollins. Hollins is the director of urban initiatives for Snyder.

In the email, Wurfel gave warning that there had been 40 cases since the water switch. More cases than what had been seen in the last five years combined. The email goes on to say that Jim Henry of the Genesee County Health Department has said the rise is directly attributable to using the river as a source for drinking water.

Snyder’s office released a statement this evening claiming the email from DEQ citing the river as the source was “premature” and “beyond irresponsible”. Even more unbelievable than the email is that Snyder’s administration has the nerve to refer to anything as being beyond irresponsible. The statement also claims that Snyder was not “briefed” on the situation until January 2016. A claim that is hard to believe.

Written By: Meko Haze for