Fifth Column Playlists Vol 1: 24 Great Radical Anthems

media back

“If you can’t dance, it isn’t my revolution.”
-Emma Goldman, Anarchist

We Are All Compost in Training By Ramshackle Glory

“the world needs more spinach, not more motherfuckers like me”

Burn Them Prisons by Leftover Crack

“Nice of you to join us welcome to the prison age
Financial quest for new frontiers to build a bigger cage
Surplus populations growing all around the world
Capital invests quick to cage these boys and girls”

Close your Eyes and Count to Fuck by Run the Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) Featuring Zach De La rocha

“The only thing that closes quicker than our caskets, be the factories”

Driving Driving Driving by Kimya Dawson

“The seas are all connected
and We are all connected
and you’re living in denial
if you think you won’t be affected,
you can’t hide behind your flag
because water knows no borders”

I’m a Better Anarchist than you, By David Rovics

“I’ll just keep on moshing to antiflag and crass
until there are no differences in Gender, Race, or Class”

The Underground Man by Desaparecidos

“They made activism trite
they made honor optional
they made propaganda news
they made science radical”

Big A, Little A By Crass

“External Control are you gonna let it get you
are you gonna be a prisoner in the boundaries they set you?”

Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco

“Pills with million side effects, take ’em when the pain’s felt
Wash them down with diet soda, killin’ off your brain cells
Crooked banks around the world would gladly give a loan today
So if you ever miss payment they can take your home away”

Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine

“Ya know they murdered X
And tried to blame it on Islam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot”

Flowers By Ryan Harvey

“They can crush the flowers but they can’t stop the spring”

Terrorist by Lowkey

“It seems nuts, how could there be such agony
When more Israeli’s die from peanut allergies
It’s like the definition didn’t ever exist
I guess it’s all just depending who your nemesis is
Irrelevant how eloquent the rhetoric peddler is
They’re telling fibs, now tell us who the real terrorist is”

Money by Choking Victim

“I don’t care for money, and money’s not for me
The money fueled this empire and our racist history
Although I’m forced to use it, the rules have all been set
But life is not worth living when you’re soul is in debt”

We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years by Utah Phillips

“We have fed you all for a thousand years,
For that was our doom, you know.
From the days when you chained us in your fields,
To the strike of a week ago.
You have taken our lives, and our babies and wives,
And we’re told it’s your legal share.
But if blood be the price of your lawful wealth,
Good God! We have bought it fair.”

Love Me I’m A Liberal by Phil Ochs

“I cheered when Humphrey was chosen
My faith in the system restored
And I’m glad the commies were thrown out
Of the A.F.L. C.I.O. board
I love Puerto Ricans and Negros
As long as they don’t move next door
So love me, love me
Love me, I’m a liberal”

Press Corpse by Anti Flag

“Was it WMDS or Democracy?”

I Don’t Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You by Defiance. Ohio

“So please, the next time you’re smashing the state, don’t go breaking my heart
but I know that when you pick up the pieces,
the only thing left will be the same empty rubble
that’s made up every revolution that I’ve ever known
to make me believe and lose faith in humanity
in the same empty breath of hot air”

Sprawl II by The Arcade Fire

“Dead Shopping Malls rise like mountains beyond mountains.
And there’s no end in site. I need the darkness. Someone please cut the light”

No Surprises by Radiohead

“A job that slowly kills you/ you look so tired unhappy, bring down the government, they don’t, they don’t speak for us”

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get you into Heaven Anymore By John Prine

“Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore
there already overcrowded from your dirty little war”

Love and Rage by Mischief Brew

“So now that I see where I am
I see race still determines
The blessed from the damned
And the greatest of all historical shams
Is believing you cannot do something you can”

Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill

“When she talks, I hear the revolutions
In her hips, there’s revolutions
When she walks, the revolution’s coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution”

The Guillotine by The Coup

“we got hella people, they got helicopters
they got the bombs, but we got the Guillotine”

The Argument by This Bike is a pipe bomb

“The greatest nation in the world, as you say, has been at war since I can’t remember
and miners black lung has been replaced by cancer”

Fuck shit Up by Wingnut Dishwasher Union

“I don’t believe in Cops, Bosses, or Politicians,
Some call that anarchism,
I call it having a fucking heart that beats.”