Dynamic Perspectives Series Part 1: Workplace Justice


Free Radical Media and The Fifth Column are hosting a series of discussions aimed toward finding common ground and solidarity between dissident groups. As we continue to battle against sectarianism, we hope you will join us by taking part in a free and open discussion where we can civilly agree and disagree while reaching toward a common purpose- the liberation of all humankind.

The first step in this project is the dynamic perspectives video series. Please send in answers to any or all of the questions you’d like to be involved with and we will contact you about recording your audio responses, we will also publish all the written responses in full on The Fifth Column and the audio responses in full on Free Radical Media.

We will then subtly edit the audio into video presentation that will promote the next step: an eventual discussion panel.

The first is about Just Workplaces.

Full Disclosure: Some of us here at The Fifth Column have union representation from the Industrial Workers of The World, we are currently in the process of being NLRB certified.

Just Workplace

What does just workplace look like?
Who inspired your specific way of thinking about labor, capital, and economics?
What is your definition of labor theory of value?
What is your definition of a ‘free market’?
What level of control should workers have?
Does hierarchy need to exist in a workplace in order for a workplace to function properly?
What are your thoughts on establishment unions vs. radical movement based unions vs. unions in theory?
What should the role of the initial investor be in relation to the role of wage workers?
Should production be tied to profits directly, such as in a percentage form or distributed by the investor’s/owner’s discretion?
Should workers be remunerated via effort, need, production, or other means?
How do you see us transitioning into your ideal for a just workplace?