Tolerance in Today’s World

Washington, DC (TFC) – It seems to me the very cruelest form of torture to have been born into a world in which even those currently inhabiting it had not yet managed to safely traverse. To be thrust into a life in which we experience such utter joy and also complete devastation is beyond rationale in my mind. Yes, we are able to better appreciate the positive aspects of life only after experiencing the dark. But why must it be so? Certainly knowledge can be taught. What of wisdom? Is it possible to gain perspective and achieve great wisdom by learning from another’s experiences or must we truly suffer through the same trials and tribulations? Is it not possible to spare our most loved ones of that? Why too is it possible for one to latch onto such righteous notions as seen in religious zealots, for example, without firsthand proof, experience? Is human nature so determined to readily accept the negative yet always question the positive? Or have we as a society, over the centuries, ingrained it into the human psyche that anything that appears good and true must be proven as such and only that which is perceived to be evil is readily acceptable? Why after all of the devastation since the beginning of humanity, do we still embrace such violence and on the grandest of scales? Some of you may argue that we do not, that we’re more civil now than in centuries past and I’m afraid that you would be wrong.

Many humans, for reasons unknown or perhaps simply beyond my understanding, prefer to degrade, humiliate, belittle, and break one another down. Some judge because of taught hatred, others out of fear for what they do not understand. The result is the same in either scenario because in both the targeted individual is reviled, scorned and treated as if they are evil.

Rather than teaching the future generations about the importance of integrity, honesty, respect, compassion, acceptance – or at least tolerance, loyalty, and love, far too many are carrying on their traditions of prejudice, racism, bullying, greed and willful ignorance.

It is so important that we teach our children to embrace who they are. To tell them every day that they are loved, and beautiful, and that as they grow up it is important that they treat every person they meet as they would wish to be treated.

Teaching your child to despise an entire race/culture/religion/etcetera has never and will never make sense to me. If one white person harms you inexplicably in your life, does that mean that every white person is going to harm you? No, of course not. If one individual rapes you does that make everyone a rapist? No, definitely not. So, why is it so easy to judge and dismiss entire groups of people for the past (or even present) actions of one or a few? Would you wish to be defined by the actions of one horrific individual who shared the same religion, culture, gender, or hair color as you? Probably not, so ask yourself why you are doing it to others. I am not naïve enough to believe that everyone is going to one day get along completely. We all have different beliefs, unique opinions, and various temperaments, however, there is no reason to continue to perpetuate the ongoing cycle of hatred and judgement that remains so prevalent in today’s society.

12459746_10205369992720536_972618460_nImagine what each of us could accomplish in our lifetimes were it not for the reins of society holding us back. What if we encouraged one another and didn’t allow the opinions and fear of ridicule, or failure to deter us from following our dreams, our passions? Perhaps life would not feel so empty for so many. You see there comes a point when the damage is too great and like the sea eroding the cliff face, irreparable. It is a far better thing to try and utterly fail than to never try and always wonder ‘what if?’ Let there be no more ‘what ifs?’ instead let’s replace it with ‘I’ll give it a try!’ There is always something to be learned even in the most epic of failures so do not allow yourself to be discouraged instead you must persevere and take that leap of faith. Have faith in yourself and faith in your own abilities. There is nothing worse than looking back at a life littered with regrets. It’s suffocating and leaves one feeling unfulfilled, devastated and ultimately trapped. It’s not something I’d wish on anyone. Instead I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, their talents. Encourage the same in those you care about, especially the younger generations.

Truly there is nothing more tragic at the end of one’s life than a life unfulfilled and passions unmet. Of dreams unpursued and hopes dashed. Be that light of inspiration in your own life and encourage others to embrace the radiance of their souls, and all that resides within.