The Pontiac Tribune joins The Infiltration

Pontiac, Michigan (TFC– The Pontiac Tribune has been a mainstay of the alternative media for years. The founders of the outlet are moving on to exciting new projects, leaving The Pontiac Tribune behind.  The Fifth Column is proud to be able to absorb the site into our network and continue the tradition of excellence the readers have grown to expect.

The future of The Pontiac Tribune is secure. Not only will the outlet continue its operations, they will expand. The Pontiac Tribune’s format provided readers with in-depth analysis of US foreign policy and politics as well as local coverage of Michigan.

The Fifth Column made its name by establishing a global network of journalists, affiliates, partners, and like-minded outlets to bring you the very best in independent media from far-flung locations. It wasn’t until this opportunity presented itself that we realized we were missing something. We overlooked establishing the same kind of network within the United States and Canada. The Pontiac Tribune’s tradition of in-depth US coverage makes it the perfect outlet to form the core of this network. We’ve already started building that network and have found some great outlets and journalists to come aboard.

pontiacYou can expect The Pontiac Tribune to rapidly expand its local coverage of major markets in the US and Canada. In essence, The Pontiac Tribune will become the US edition of The Fifth Column. The outlet will grow and evolve as it does.

Anticipated FAQs:

Will Pontiac Tribune get the same site design as the other TFC sites? Yes, it already has. We want to create a seamless experience for readers as they switch between our sites.

Will the site become multilingual? Yes. It is the policy of The Fifth Column to make our content available to as many readers as possible. Expect translation buttons in the near future.

Will Pontiac Tribune adopt The Fifth Column’s branding? Our plan is to allow The Pontiac Tribune to stand on its own. At this time, there are no plans to rebrand the site to fit rest of the network.

Will Pontiac Tribune adopt a creative commons approach? We’re trying to work that out. It should be noted that the license will only apply to articles written after it joined the TFC network.

Why are some of the pictures missing from Pontiac Tribune’s articles? The Fifth Column operates under a different set of guidelines than Pontiac Tribune. Some of the photographs were not compatible with our policies.