TFC’s Most Influential Coverage of 2015

Washington, DC (TFC) – As you may know, The Fifth Column has launched a fundraiser to expand our operations to print, radio, and video. You can read the whole plan here. We thought it might be a good idea to show our newer readers what we’ve done over the last 10 months.

Establishing the link between the failed US torture program and beheadings in Iraq was our first large investigative piece. TFC demonstrated the link between the torture program at Abu Grahib prison, an escape of prisoners from the site, and the beheadings of captured Americans. One of our journalists was waterboarded in a live demonstration.

Chicago Police Department’s “black site” was the subject of an intensive investigation. We broke the allegation that heroin was used by Chicago cops to aid in interrogations inside the secret facility. We commented on the willingness of Chicago papers to act as the propaganda arm of the police department.

After discovering a law targeting the homeless in an Ohio community, an activist and journalist intentionally violated the law and was arrested. During the trial the judge ordered the defendant to avoid bringing up the Constitution. In order to target the journalist, prosecutors had to reinvent rules and laws. The battle to establish the case law to protect the less fortunate is still ongoing.

On February 13th, we warned of the Nigerian fight against the Boko Haram evolving into a regional conflict. On March 9th, a regional force was established to combat the Boko Haram after the group pledged its loyalty to the Islamic State. Our analysts pointed out the pledge was symbolic and carried on additional military capacity for the Boko Haram. The next day, the regional force routed the Boko Haram and sent them scrambling into the hills.

Jade Helm began July 15th. Months earlier in MarchThe Fifth Column informed readers about Jade Helm and explained exactly what it was while decoding the military jargon on the map. By April, some in the alternative media decided to play on their readers fears and push doomsday scenarios about a federal takeover. We again reiterated that it was simply a large scale SERE exercise and begged for calm.  Once Jade Helm began, we published an article detailing the lackluster start. We also proposed the real conspiracy behind Jade Helm was to make the alternative media look like idiots.

On March 6th, our analysts predicted the balkanization of Iraq, citing the need for an independent Kurdistan. Weeks later, the US government admits the possibility of Iraq breaking up. By May, the US begins playing word games in regards to recognizing an independent Kurdish state. The current situation evolving in Syria and Iraq brings this prediction closer to what seems to be its inevitable conclusion.

In the beginning of June, the Islamic State and Hamas exchanged attacks inside Gaza. We first reported on Hamas and Islamic State engagements in April. This chain of events was ignored by almost every outlet in the country. The major media companies didn’t want to portray Hamas as “the good guys” and much of the independent media had been operating under the theory that Israel was behind the Islamic State. Memes still circulate today asking why the Islamic State has never attacked Israel. Well, it has. During this flare up, IS forces repeatedly launched rocket attacks on Israel as a method of encouraging the Israelis to strike Hamas.

In June, we publicized a fundraiser for a Missouri officer who crossed the thin blue line after another officer’s action led to a young man drowning. The officer that blew the whistle suffered constant harassment from inside the department. Just last month, the whistleblower was cleared of all wrongdoing by the department and the officer who allowed a handcuffed college student to drown was charged.


Over the last ten months, The Fifth Column has repeatedly proven its willingness to follow stories wherever they lead and its ability to accurately predict developments on the international stage before most of the world’s intelligence agencies. There are dozens of reasons to read and support TFC. The most important is that you’ll be supporting an organization that brings you the very best in reporting.

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