Oregon to Ohio: “We the People” Patriots call for unification

Columbus, OH (TFC) – On January 10, 2016 patriots from all over Ohio joined for the “We the People/ Rally for Brotherhood” event at the Ohio Statehouse. This event was sparked by the Oregon standoff of Patriot Militia vs the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) but not solely dedicated to that cause. The event was something much more than the Oregon situation. With that said, I feel we should clear the air a bit with what exactly is going on in Oregon. It must be something pretty big to get so many people, who otherwise stay quiet, to literally rally speaking of unity, standing against corruption and vowing to protect The People’s constitutional rights.

The fact is the Constitution restricts the federal government to establishing Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings and reserves for the states the right to own land. The federal government must purchase land from the states with state legislature approval. The BLM is getting away with the mass land grabs by using the “Property Clause of the Constitution.” (The Property Clause (also called Territorial Clause) gives the United States Congress power to dispose of, and make all needful rules and regulations regarding territories or other property owned by United State) The Supreme Court has described congress’s power to legislate under this clause as “without limitation”.

A Patriot withstanding bitter cold 55 mph winds.

A Patriot withstanding bitter cold 55 mph winds.

The Constitution makes every effort to restrict the federal government and maintain state sovereignty. These lands are not being taken by the feds to be preserved for public interest. They are being used for profit at the expense of the people. One of the Feds’ largest sources of non-tax revenue comes from the land it leases to oil, gas, and coal companies. It is no secret that the federal government is in bed with major corporations, so can this be viewed as another tyrannical move made for personal profit? These massive land grabs have put farmers and ranchers out of business and have forced families to move and local businesses and family farms to shut down. The government is simply stealing land from people to make a profit. When ranchers and sympathizers finally have their fill of corruption you get what we have, currently, in Oregon. These people do not have a system to work through that will stop the theft. The thieves themselves work for the system in question. This ongoing unconstitutional theft by government made headlines and was indeed a spark that ignited a wildfire among those in the patriot community. The issue with the BLM seems to be the last straw that would bring all other issues of corruption and injustice to the forefront.

Thus the We The People/ Rally for Brotherhood was born. Those in attendance had diverse backgrounds and came from many different groups. The roughly thirty people that stood strong during the 55 mph winds represented the Ohio APIII%, SHTF Preparedness Group, Ohio 3% United Patriots, Ohio 3% Irregulars, North West Ohio Minutemen, West Ohio Militia, Anonymous, Ohio 3%’ers and regular folks unaffiliated with any group. Considering the various headlines and opinions surrounding the Oregon BLM controversy and the sudden need for a We The People rally, we felt it necessary to ask some of the men at the statehouse what they thought of the situation as well as what brought them out to brave the bitter cold. Was this about Oregon or is it something more?

Doug Whitlatch from both OH APIII% and OH 3% United Patriots explained their position this way, “Our intentions for today’s rally were to bring unity among the myriad Patriot, Pro-Liberty, and Pro Constitution groups found across Ohio. And to reach out to the public to answer any questions they may have about us. We want the public to get used to seeing us and not be afraid and mislead by the media and government. We are primarily individuals that come together for the community in times of need. We need watchers and defenders to protect our community, we are both.” Doug went on to explain how he felt “Corporations, central bankers, and nations heads were in conspiracy to control the entirety of the human race and the earth’s resources.” This seems to be the same sentiment we hear from most activist groups and individuals.

Map of federally owned lands. Source: "US federal land.agencies" by National Atlas of the United States - Licensed under Public Domain

Map of federally owned lands. Source: “US federal land.agencies” by National Atlas of the United States – Licensed under Public Domain

We asked Shaun Musiack, X/O for zone 12 Ohio 3%, his feelings regarding the Oregon situation. He said, “I am not in 100% agreement with how it went down but what’s done is done. It puts all of us patriots on the stage and gives us much more of a voice as to what is happening with an over powering tyrannical government. The causes for the stands are from a lot of like-minded individuals that will gladly die a martyr so the people of the United Sates can keep the freedom we know and so our kids can know the freedom we know.”

With the variety of groups that showed up in Columbus on Sunday, it is clear they are ready to stand united and focus their attention on getting our country back. People are beginning to realize no matter what group or cause you associate with, we as individuals are all standing against the same enemy. Despite certain issues that separate us we do have the same goal in mind. Divided, we will never even come close to repairing this world or our country. So why not unite to fight the common threat and hash out our differences later? We have allowed flags, labels, titles, and a media based stigma to divide us and keep the tension high between potential allies. We are moms and dads, with families and jobs. At the end of the day we are all sharing this country. If these men were able to have the courage to stand today for what is right, like many other groups have been doing, then imagine what we can do together. The unity these patriots are calling for is no different than what the activists have been asking for. But it will be unity without ego. It will be having to accept our differences so we can stand strong together. Isn’t that what America is all about? Weekend after weekend we are seeing the numbers grow with groups supporting each other. The most unlikely of people marching together, networking together, standing side by side enjoying laughs and respectful handshakes. This is not the last you will see of the We The People Rally. They are planning another event for next month February 6. This time with the message of unity reaching out even further. Ohio is doing what they say cannot be done. After many attempts… Ohio is finally unifying. Remember, they are the few. We are the many.