Hypocrisy and contradiction at the root of feminist’s response to German sex attacks

Cologne, Germany– (TFC) -As the world responds and reacts to the mass sexual assault and harassment of women in Germany; one major aspect has been exposed. When it comes to feminism, criticizing Islam is a non starter, even when their reaction to bigotry exposes their fervent hypocrisy.

When hundreds of women throughout Germany contacted police to report being harassed or sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve, one common denominator was shown. The victims described the perpetrators as being of North African descent, and liberal feminists were quick to defend Islam, because most Muslims aren’t privileged white men.

One woman told officers she was surrounded by 20 men; while another detailed hands being all over her breasts. The attacks were vicious misogynistic, and disgusting, but the mere mention of the racial identity of the attackers has drawn the ire of feminists, who label the commentators as, “anti-immigration campaigners and garden variety racists,” because when it comes to crimes being committed by non-whites, any mention of racial and/or religious aspect to the crime is silenced by calls of racism and bigotry.

It is well known most of the dangerous places in the world are in the Middle East and Africa. While American feminist complain about Instagram’s nudity policy, and street harassment, women in the eastern part of the world are condemned to lives of servitude where their education is not considered a priority. In Islamic countries, women are jailed for being raped, and are stoned for “crimes” and innocuous activities like being out in public without a male family member escorting them, or marrying a man your family doesn’t like.  In Yemen, a woman can’t leave her house without her husband’s permission. As noted by a Freedom House survey in 2010, for women in North Africa and the Middle East, “societal norms that relegate women to subordinate status continue to impede progress. Governments remain resistant to addressing inequalities for women through progressive policy or legislation and often actively pursue policies of repression. Laws against marital rape and spousal abuse are largely absent in the region, so-called ‘honor’ killings persist, and segregation and discrimination remain par for the course in educational and political institutions.”

Dying for Justice protest, photo by Charles Haynes Creative Commons

Dying for Justice protest, photo by Charles Haynes Creative Commons

Women in these countries are treated worse than dirt; and by comparison, women in the Western world have hit the jackpot, so noting where the attackers came from is not unnecessary, despite what third wave feminists believe. The mere mentioning of what the suspects looked like has drawn claims of Islamaphobia, and bigotry; even one of the victims was called a racist by appearing on T.V to describe the events of the attack where she identified her attackers as “southern looking,” with “darker skin,” who couldn’t understand her cries.  Nearly a quarter of a million people viewed a video that aired the woman’s interview and called any description of the attackers as propaganda. The video creator even included personal information of the victim, and only took it down after a lawsuit was threatened.

Describing the race, religion, or native language of a criminal does not make someone racist. Police need any descriptive information they can have to arrest those who committed the crimes, but for one person and the thousands who watched the video; that makes a victim racist. That insanity stretches further when any mention of Islam, terrorism, and sexism is discussed within political circles. This does not mean every single North African man is a misogynist rapist. In the same story where she called critics, “garden variety racists,” Clementine Ford rightfully acknowledged, “, over one million people entered Germany last year – a portion of 1000 of them accounts for 0.1 per cent of that number.” The number of migrant who committed these crimes is miniscule, but the problem with Ford noting the majority of migrants who entered Germany are not sexual predators, is the blatant feminist hypocrisy when the subject of crimes are changed.

While conservatives are criticized for erroneously linking crimes to Islamic terrorism, racist leftists jump at any opportunity to dress all men in goalie masks, and arm them with butcher knives to cast every white male as a raping, pillaging, and murdering madman. Take the case of Elliott Rodger; the desperate virgin who used his lack of social skills to murder innocent bystanders and sorority girls. Writing for Salon; Brittany Cooper argued, “white male entitlement,” leads to, “destructive murderous anger that attends the ostensible denial of these wishes, is at the emotional core of white supremacy.” She chose a tragic murder to attack white America for their racism, sexism, misogyny, and every other crime, while making a mockery of mental illness by suggesting white male privilege is a mental disease.

When a Muslim extremist shoots up a concert hall, liberal feminists are quick to point out not all Muslim’s are terrorists, but when a white man shoots up an abortion clinic, white America must atone for the crimes, because they are the boogeyman that Americans should be afraid of.  Social justice warriors cast this judgment on an entire race by being blatantly dishonest in order to push their bigoted narrative.

In a CNN opinion piece, Sally Kohn claimed 69% of all violent crime in America is committed by white men. Punditfact took that claim to task by pointing out 60% of all whites, men and women included commit all violent crimes in America. On the surface 60% seems like a high number, but when you consider while grouped in with Hispanics, there are over 192 million white Americans, that number isn’t as high as it is believed. Pointing out the rarity of white Americans committing violent crime does not fit the agenda; neither does noting more than 36% of all violent crime noted in the study from 2012 were committed by African Americans, who have a population of just north of 30 million. The latter numbers would of course be met with a discussion on mitigating factors. How many of those African Americans live in the ghetto where economic opportunities exist in gang life and the drug trade? How many of those crimes were committed by lifelong criminals who have known nothing but a criminal lifestyle? African American crime rates are explained and dissected to further explain those numbers.

Many third wave feminists pick and chose what numbers to push, and what numbers to push aside. While explanations are sought to explain why 36% of all violent crime is committed by a minority; the same method is not extended to white America.  That example is shown in rape statistics; while it is true white males are more likely to commit rape; the work done to explain why those numbers are so high is not done for white men, because rape is a white man’s problem, and any push back is the result of white privilege being under attack.

Even when there’s a pushback against bigotry, by people within communities that suffer from oppression; the arguments presented are downplayed by condemnation and foolishness. When Lizzy the Lezzy posted a meme that argued against blaming every straight person for homophobia, and every white person for racism; famous social justice warrior Kat Blaque insisted, despite a white individual not being racist, they have “internalized,” bigotry that they don’t know they have. Whites benefit from a system of “white supremacy,” even if they are towing along the poverty line, and face massive debts. These condescending beliefs are part of a plan to put straight, cis, white men under a microscope and place the blame of a system planted by their ancestors on all white males no matter if they abhor bigotry. The white guy mowing his lawn has benefited from slavery; the friendly white kid who gets good grades in a good school, isn’t working hard, he is just working in a system designed for him, and deep down inside he is actually a racist.

The feminist response to the German sex attack is not at all surprising. Any chance they have to demean every white man is like a fastball being thrown in the middle of the plate. Feminists swing to the fences to push their man hating agenda, despite their flaring hypocrisy. The truth was expressed by one woman who attends Bernard College. Writing for Quillette, Toni Airaksinen admitted she was, “-was once an obedient soldier in the crusade against the patriarchy,” but has since been completely turned off from the ideology. In the piece she criticized modern feminism for their fervent anti male bent, and correctly noted, “Contemporary feminism inculcates adherents into a cult of victimhood and exquisite vulnerability—it panders to women’s traumas and teaches them that they have been victimized solely because they are female.”

One blogger added to the criticism by succinctly noting, how a good movement has been destroyed. “-the third-wave movement is that they have completely tarnished the whole reputation of modern-day feminism which has led to a lot of people dissociating themselves from the views and ideas that feminism once stood for. With many thanks to our newly acquired best friend, you know, the third-wave feminist, feminism is now about female superiority, misandry and to put it bluntly, anything that puts men in a bad spotlight.” That paragraph perfectly sums up the issue with the feminist response to the sex attacks in Germany. When white men are not at the center of a crime, race or religion is ignored; or in this case even defended, but when an individual white man commits a violent crime, the entire white race is complicit. It is a type of hypocrisy that harms the feminist movement.

The migrants who attacked the women in Germany come from a sexist and misogynistic society that is leaps and bounds behind the western world when it comes to equality. That doesn’t excuse the actions of the sexual assaulters, nor does it cast judgment on every North African migrant that fled to Germany; just like straight white men aren’t at fault for every frat boy that rapes an intoxicated co-ed. The feminists who attack white America for the crimes of individuals are the same people who blame all Muslims for terrorism. They are angry and uneducated fools with victimization complexes that value bigoted narratives instead of the truth.