A Complete Guide to The Fifth Column Network

Washington, DC (TFC) – The Fifth Column has started off 2016 by launching several new projects. As we approach our one-year anniversary, we’re excited to see how quickly the network has grown. We set out with the goal of undermining and infiltrating the established media. The growth has happened so quickly that many don’t know about some of our projects. So here is the complete guide to The Fifth Column:


The Fifth Column: Where it all started. In-depth international news from a network of journalists, outlets, and organizations scattered across the globe.

Facebook Page. Twitter.

The Pontiac Tribune: This is TFC’s US and Canadian edition. We’re working on building the same style of network within the US and Canada that we developed internationally for The Fifth Column. 

Facebook page. Twitter.

Sleeper Cells: This is the first phase of TFC’s video and audio operations. TFC’s operations are backed up by videographers, vloggers, radio show hosts, and journalists from all over the world.

Facebook Page.

Facebook Channels:

These Facebook pages were set up to provide specific information about various regions. Here you’ll not only find TFC’s original content, but also links to articles from other outlets.

Eye Contact Newsfeed: This is our largest aggregate newsfeed. Almost all of the large independent news sites have direct access to post their articles whenever they wish.

Infiltrated Art: TFC’s Culture, music, art, and memes channel.

Pontiac Tribune Breaking News: Pontiac Tribune’s aggregate newsfeed brings you breaking news from all over the world.


TFC Factions:

TFC’s factions are designed to provide an open forum for controversial topics and advocacy projects that due to their nature require a separate space.

The Fem Column: A 100% female-moderate service offering conversation and articles related to feminism. Facebook page. Tumblr. Twitter.

TFC Regional Newsfeeds:

These Facebook pages provide in-depth coverage of different regions. The content shared comes from various outlets. Current Regions are: Africa, Asia, Europe, Ireland, Kurdistan, Latin American, Palestine, and Russia.