United States: The Peaceful Revolution

United States (TFC) – What does it mean to have a peaceful revolution? It is interesting to see where we are as a people in the United States. Considering the current state of our country and our relationships with countries throughout the world, we find ourselves in a rather unique situation. Many in the activist and patriot communities are doing their best to determine our exact state of affairs and what course of action should be taken. We are generally a peaceful people. Even amidst such horrendous acts we seem to be able to keep a cool head and try to find the most peaceful and diplomatic solutions as possible. Today we will take a look at some of the tools being used in what some are considering our peaceful revolution.
What once were proud patriots who supported our troops, waved flags, and were proud to enlist have now found themselves thinking a little differently. We are witnessing the most unlikely people coming to the realization that war is for profit and not for the preservation of our country and its liberties. Our troops have little to do with defending us and much to do with doing our government’s dirty work. Adding insult to injury is the fact that these wars and crimes against humanity are paid for by your tax dollars. You go to bed each night knowing you sleep with innocent blood on your hands. That is if you are still a part of the America that pays taxes. Many have decided to simply quit. They may in fact face penalties for this action. But this is one of the methods that Americans are using to opt out of state funded murders and theft.

Photo credit: Joseph Gruber, Flickr A busy afternoon at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk, Flickr
Medical Marijuana Doctor

Other methods being used to remedy our current state of oppression is found in both individuals and communities who have chosen prepping and self-sustainment. This includes growing your own food, collecting rain water, canning, hunting, solar energy, and building and constructing rather than buying. Along with these methods is the wave of Americans turning to alternative medicines rather than participating in the big pharma industry. The push for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes as well as general use has seen a lot of attention lately. When you know there are cures to sickness that the government will not grant you access to it makes you wonder whose side they are on. You only have to look at who benefits from you being sick to determine who your enemy is. All of these tools being used may seem primitive to some but looking back at our history, these are the things our ancestors did before we accepted all of the government’s mothering. We were once a people who could take care of ourselves. People had life skills that allowed them to survive without the constant monitoring, mandating, and control of the government. Sadly, many of the skills have been lost throughout the generations and are now having to be relearned.

Photo credit: Joseph Gruber, Flickr A busy afternoon at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Photo credit: Joseph Gruber, Flickr
A busy afternoon at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

With the overall corruption of the mainstream media, the people are still led to believe that elections, candidates, and voting are the only real answers to our problems. What is great for that theory is the people of this country have become so lazy in the preservation of their freedom they buy into it. All they have to do is watch a few debates, share a few articles, and vote within the two party system. That is the extent of their responsibility to this country. However, the times are changing. More and more are coming to the realization that no matter who is in office, they will uphold the same degree of oppression. They will stand by all current laws and begin the process of also adding to them. This act in itself is simply removing more freedom. So you are seeing people desperately trying to get support for third party candidates or just opting out of the voting process altogether. The old saying used to be, “if you don’t vote you can’t complain.” Now the feeling is that if you do vote, you now bear the responsibility of what that candidate does while in office. Many no longer wish to support denying rights and liberties to the citizens and so they do not participate. Along with these avenues many have taken the responsibility to do other things such as feeding and clothing our homeless and needy. They offer haircuts, jobs, and in many cases housing for them. Social media has done wonders for gathering people of all walks of life together to take on this problem. The government seems to have money for war but not to care for its own people. But the citizens have stepped up where the government once again is failing. I also know of groups who tutor kids and some that refurbish broken computers to hand out in communities in need. We are a giving, generous people. We are just having trouble remembering who we are sometimes.
It is said revolution happens in the mind first. If that is indeed true then we are definitely witnessing a peaceful revolution. To change your mindset after generations of conditioning is not an easy task. It can be frustrating when you speak with people who are not on the same page as you nor are they “awake.” It is imperative to remember that although you may not share the exact mindset, at one time you did not know what you do now. These small steps that Americans are taking may not solve every problem we are currently facing. But, the fact that people are actually attempting solutions by changing minds and lifestyles is at least a step in the right direction.