United States Activism: Divide and Conquer

United States (TFC)- As the world spirals down the drain, another race/religion is attacked. All the while police kill another unarmed person. We as “awake” people call for the education and assembly of the masses. Government deals, banking trades and police brutality are igniting protests around the globe that are giving people the comfort to step out with others who are tired of the never ending conflicts that plague us all. Unfortunately inside all of this, eye opening, we have allowed ourselves to continue to divide. There are groups inside of groups inside of groups. There are groups that do not work together because of tactics, religious beliefs and a few minor differences in what they feel the problems are that need repaired or dismantled. It saddens me that we as people cannot see that divide and conquer have infiltrated the “awake” movements of the country. We need all forms of resistance to attack this plague from head to toe. We need unification from the internet to the streets and from people to the police.
The history of the United States has proven time after time that the government and banks will go to the extreme to keep unification from happening. Why? Because they understand that a divided people will never be able to concentrate their efforts on the true problem, which is them. Aside from the many groups of activists, patriots and citizens we have the two political parties, race, religion and social class. Do you see all the division? In this never ending cycle of outdoing your neighbor and judgment, division has won again. What most do not realize is they agree on more topics than they will allow themselves to see. We as activists are supposed to be the enlightened ones taking a stand to repair the problems in the world. I see that on a grand scale but nothing is truly changing because the thousands, if not millions, around the world choose to stand divided.

The only group that I have ever seen show up to damn near every event is Anonymous. The Anonymous collective is spread internationally and are seen in the streets around the globe. The collective tends to get a bad reputation due to their speech which tends to be void of political correctness. Even though they get treated like the red headed step child of activism they continue to show up and support. They are prepared to stand in the snow, the rain and the burning heat to help in any way possible. The mask is what separates them from the rest of the movement attempting to change the world, one city at a time. The group is willing to be arrested for your cause plus has the ability to stand tall even when they are not welcome. It’s not because they are doing it for the “lulz” but because they truly care and are willing to be abused to make a difference. The mask signifying the group is no different than standing under a flag, marching under a title or shutting it down because you share the same skin pigment. We need to all start standing as unified individuals who are there because it is right.

Image Source: Tbmurray

Image Source: Tbmurray

Most Anons claim that the mask is to show solidarity and unification but when you are the only ones masked you are in fact the poster child for division. I understand masking up to conceal your identity but there are ways to continue covering your face without allowing judgement prior to handshakes. I, personally, mask up at every event I attend because I do not want my face plastered all over mainstream media nor do I want fame or recognition for what I do, whether it’s positive or negative. Some do not have a problem showing their faces and that is completely fine and understandable. It is a very respectable move to stand so strong you don’t care who sees. The first two questions I ask those requesting assistance when starting to become active is, “why are you here? Are you here to grow a group or make a difference?” If you have chosen the option to make a difference then you do not need a mask, flag or title to unify or speak with people seeking the same goal. We can unify just by being ourselves and caring about what is going on in the world. You can have your beliefs and be proud of them without cramming them down someone’s throat. We are all people in the end suffering from the same oppressive government while watching the world spiral down the drain due to bankers and lethal force. We do not need to stand for anything but revolution and reform. All groups have some form of identity they project but what I doubt most do not realize is that they are promoting a group not The People. What’s the difference between an American flag waving patriotic statist and a group that spreads propaganda for their growth in numbers while displaying a flag or group identifier? If you’re spreading factual information to awaken the masses then why do you need credit personally or for you group?

To conclude this piece I want to remind everyone that we are all in this together. No matter your group, race, religion or social class we each smile, cry and bleed all the same. The flag waving patriots and oath keepers forget that they are fighting to uphold the Black Lives Matter and Anonymous’s freedom of speech. During my travels I have witnessed Bloods and Crips, Oath Keepers and Black Lives Matter, Anonymous and CPAC plus Stolen Lives and RevCom all standing together for a common goal. There was zero arguing and zero tension. They marched arm and arm preparing to endure whatever is thrown at them by law enforcement and the main stream media. Please remember we are all affected by the atrocities that surround our day to day lives. They may not directly alter or control your lives yet but your time is fast approaching. I feel a quote said by Malcolm X is the best way to sum up this article. “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.”