The USA is Still Number 1

Washington, DC (TheAntiMedia) While the Chinese may have overtaken the United States economically, it still has to catch up to the US in several areas if it really wants to be number 1. The world’s only superpower still dominates in many areas.

Land of the free and home of the chain
Highest per capita incarceration rate: A US citizen is more likely to end up in prison than the citizen of any other nation in the world. The US prison establishment is more expansive than the gulag system under Stalin. The United States imprisons 320% more people than the totalitarian government in China.

Most executions
The US leads the developed world in number of executions according to Amnesty International. In all fairness, many countries don’t issue complete numbers on extrajudicial killings. The United States, for example, has proclaimed legal authority to kill its own citizens without trial. It does not release the numbers of those killed in this manner.

It’s for the children
Highest child abuse death rate: Anytime the government wants to sell a new security measure to the American people or take away their rights, the political puppet stands in front of a group of children who will inevitably be killed if the new law receives any debate. Of course, that doesn’t square with the fact that the United States has the highest child abuse death rate in the developed world. On average, 4.5 children die daily as a result of child abuse.

Highest teen pregnancy rate
While the US rails against child brides, it boasts the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

Image Source: Beverly & Pack, Flickr, Creative Commons US Air Force Thunderbird Aerial Demonstration Team, F-16 Fighting Falcons

Image Source: Beverly & Pack, Flickr, Creative Commons
US Air Force Thunderbird Aerial Demonstration Team, F-16 Fighting Falcons

Power corrupts
Campaign spending: The United States leads the world in legal bribes. There was roughly $6 billion “donated” to the candidates in the 2012 election.

Most external debt: The United States owes more money to external creditors than any other nation in the world.

The Fat Cats aren’t just in Washington
Highest obesity rate: Despite such healthy practices as having junk food in schools and leading the world in hours spent watching TV, the United States managed to end up leading the world in obesity.

Keep America Beautiful
Waste generation: Americans generate more garbage than any other people on the planet.

The next time you hear someone talking about how bad the economy, education, crime, corruption, and culture has gotten in the United States, just remind them that we still are number one in lots of areas.