The Fifth Column enters 2016

Washington, DC (TFC) – The Fifth Column hasn’t reached its first birthday, but we’re entering a new calendar year. It’s time to give our readers an update on how things are progressing. The goal of The Fifth Column is to establish a truly global independent media network. It is designed to infiltrate and undermine the corporate/government stranglehold on information. The outlet is to have no national allegiance. The numbers below will indicate our progress. We feel it has been a resounding success.

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the 2016 SITREP.

By the Numbers:
TFC officially launched 314 days ago.
We’ve published more than 2100 articles or 6.68 articles per day.
In the last seven days alone, TFC has reached more than 4.5 million people.
We’ve had multiple articles reach more than 100,000 people each.
Our network of journalists, partnered outlets, friendly outlets, and so on has reached more than 100 members on six continents.
Our articles have been cited more than 850 times.
We’ve been read in every available country on Earth (at least that’s what Google reports).
We have readerships of 1000 or more in 43 countries.
We are most read in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany.
Surprisingly, the countries that provide the highest amount of revenue per view are Lithuania, Rwanda, Chad, Ukraine, and Zambia.

TFC Project Pages:
The Fifth Column began experimenting with various reader-driven project pages on Facebook to provide in-depth coverage of different topics. These pages provide not only our coverage, but coverage from other outlets to help readers gain more insight into a specific region or situation. These project pages will become more and more important as TFC continues to grow. We have already reached the point where not all of the content we produce each day can be effectively shared on the main TFC Facebook page. These articles will be shared via the relevant regional project pages. Make certain you’ve followed the pages you’re interested in knowing more about.

Beneath the Watchtowers of Palestine
The Case for an Independent Kurdistan
Asia in Focus
Eyes of Ireland
Fortress Europe
Infiltrated Art (Memes and art)
The Halls of Russia’s Kremlin
Latin American Newsline
Lifting the Veil of Africa
The Fem Column (Female-moderated feminist news and theory)
Eye Contact Newsfeed (An aggregate of dozens of independent news outlets)

More project pages are planned. Eventually, corresponding Twitter accounts will be brought online.

TFC Clothing and Gear:
TFC began selling T-shirts to assist in a fundraiser for an Awakened Cincinnatians campaign to feed the homeless. The response was very positive. Accordingly, we’ve teamed up with independent T-shirt company Blasted Rat to bring you TFC themed clothing and gear. Right now, there five designs available with more on the way.

Sound like fun?

Sound like fun?

Coming Soon:
TFC will continue expanding and growing. Major projects in the future include recorded news segments to be played on various radio shows, local news geared towards major demographic areas, translations of articles into relevant foreign languages, and much more. The hotly-debated email newsletter will be launched soon. Reader desire won out over security concerns about maintaining a list of readers. Readers will have to opt-in and acknowledge the risk. This service is adamantly discouraged for readers in countries with a strong state surveillance system and a habit of engaging in violent political repression. China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are of specific concern.

In the very near future, we will begin conducting in-person Tradecraft classes. Sadly, the first events will be invite-only and limited in scope while we work out the details.

The Rumor Mill:
We will confirm that we are discussing how best to begin publishing books. While still in the beginning phases, this is very likely to begin within the next six months. The books will most likely be available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. The current plan is to only publish non-fiction.
We will confirm that we are considering a crowdfunding campaign. Prior to TFC’s launch, a 5-year plan was drawn up. The success we have enjoyed over the last ten months has been encouraging. We may begin certain expansions and other plans ahead of schedule. If the crowdfunding campaign does take place, it will be designed to fund taking TFC to a level unseen outside of the major media companies. Even if it does launch ahead of schedule, it is unlikely that it will occur before 2017.
We have no specific plans to start an internship program. Although it’s a cool idea, we have no idea where the rumor came from.

Your involvement:
We need you to continue doing exactly what you are doing. The most telling numbers we received during our analysis is that with a little less than 25,000 subscribers on Facebook we are capable of reaching 4.5 million people in a week. You accomplished that. Without you sharing material you find important, that would not occur. The Fifth Column is a reader-driven outlet. You are the infiltration. You are fifth columnists.


Recent FAQs:
How do I begin writing for The Fifth Column?  Contact us via the Facebook page or website. Have a writing sample ready on a current news topic.
How do I get TFC to syndicate my news outlet, blog, etc? Just drop us a line and we will review your content.