Religion: What is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

Seattle, Washington (TFC) – As science advances, humans have a better understanding of how our amazing

Universe works, yet many decisions are currently being made for the whole of humanity based upon outdated ideology and myth. No matter the creed – Christian apologists, Muslim extremists, Zionists, among many others – fundamental theism is destroying our chance for survival. Many wise and educated atheists have decried the dangerous dogma of religion throughout history. Ancient, translated manuscripts written millions of years after the birth of the Universe hold no ultimate answers. It is time to declare a new age of human spirituality where we finally discover our true connection to each other, this planet, and the Universe all around us.

The clashes of cultures make the similarities between religions painstakingly obvious. Up until the most modern technological age, a person’s religious beliefs typically came from the region and culture they were raised in and there wasn’t much opportunity to question these cultural beliefs. Today, doubters and defects can easily compare and contrast different religions and the bloodshed that is endemic in each instance. The death and depravity imposed on humanity in the name of various gods should be enough to wake the world up to the horrors of blind faith; yet it hasn’t.

Humans have worshipped thousands of gods. For them, countless human and animal sacrifices have been offered, wars have been fought, and civilizations have been conquered. Hitler, everyone’s favorite fascist, identified as a Christian, mandated prayer in schools, and outlawed abortion. Oh yeah, he was also responsible for the execution of as many as 6 million Jews. In American history, we see the persecution and murder of Native Americans and “witches”; those heathens who would not accept a Christian god were tortured and murdered. These are two historical examples; to this day, genocide happens in the name of god.

Consider the war on Islam. Modern Judeo-Christians claim to have adapted their religions to be more culturally appropriate. Muslims have not, and that’s supposedly why our culture hates their culture. A social experiment on YouTube shows how strong religious bias can be. The video shows that when disguised as the Quran, Christians will describe Bible verses as barbaric and unbelievable. Atheist philosopher, author, and neuroscientist Sam Harris, writes: “God is either impotent or evil.” No one religion is more barbaric than another; the religious myths were all created equal.

Image Source: Flickr, Creative Commons, distillated

Image Source: Flickr, Creative Commons, distillated

Religion inserts itself into public and foreign policy, educational curriculums, and even human rights discussions. This archaic practice, based upon outdated mythology, which has mercilessly slaughtered millions of people has no place in these decisions. Religion denies scientific advancement, oppresses women, discourages critical thought, and effectively hinders social progress. Theists believe that a better life comes after this one. God’s return and subsequent destruction of the Universe is inevitable, so respecting and sustaining life on this planet is pointless.

Science still struggles to explain where the energy that created the Big Bang came from; however, fundamental theistic apologists explain away modern science using their favorite version of a series of books written by men sometime around the third century BCE. The few positive aspects of religion that are worth saving, such as a sense of community, the spirit of generosity, and the power of like-minded individuals in large groups, can be harnessed in other, more positive ways. Morality and religion are not mutually exclusive. That feeling inside when you gather in your house of worship isn’t god, it’s just human connection and gratitude.

Atheists around the world have opposed dogma in order to explore the ultimate truth of our existence and how the Universe came to be. Scientists are at least half as likely to believe in god as the average American. Politicians either are or pretend to be pious, because a declared atheist would never get elected in this country. These people do not represent my interests; they are consulting a murderous, oppressive imaginary friend who would have me killed for my blasphemous views. Atheists unite! It is time to stand up against religious fervor and zealotry. Demand freedom from religion! Ask yourself, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.