Free State Project Reaches 90 Percent of Target, Eclipses 18,000 Signers

Concord, New Hampshire (PanAm) – The Free State Project (FSP), an organization that seeks to recruit 20,000 liberty lovers to New Hampshire and concentrate libertarian activism in one area, is closer than ever to accomplishing its final goal.

“The organization has now exceeded 90 percent of its goal with more than 18,000 pledged participants, and almost 2,000 ‘early movers’ have already made New Hampshire their new home, with fresh faces coming in every week,” reads the press release FSP issued on Saturday, December 19.


“This is the culmination of a decade of work and we’re just months away from reaching our 20,000 participant goal,” says FSP President Carla Gericke. “Early movers have purchased about [US]$40 million in New Hampshire real estate, and many have brought businesses and jobs with them.”

Moreover, FSP early movers have advocated for the approval of a medical-cannabis law, shown civil disobedience in the form of illegally driving for Uber, and won landmark court cases that affirm the right to film police encounters.


Free State Project

Free State Project

“There’s already so much happening with just a few thousand early movers — dozens have been elected to the New Hampshire state legislature,” Gericke adds. “Seeing the finish line in our grasp, I feel excited to see what is to come. I have never doubted we would get here, and I think it has been good for the liberty movement that the FSP has been around for more than a decade. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky stuff; this is real; and it is happening right now in New Hampshire.”

Now the organization is only 2,000 signers and $40,000 away from its goal. The level of 20,000 will then “trigger” the commitment to move to the New England state of 1.3 million residents, and FSP representatives claim they are accelerating their recruitment.

Gericke shared with the PanAm Post that the plan is to use Facebook advertising to get the last signers: “Depending on the ad, a new signer costs between $10 and $20, and we have 2,000 to go. We have had a lot of success connecting to a new audience of liberty lovers looking for answers. For many, the FSP offers a viable solution.”

The FSP is the brainchild of political-science academic Jason Sorens, who wrote an essay on the idea while studying at Yale University in 2001, with the state selection voted on in 2003. Sorens has himself made the move and is now a lecturer at Dartmouth College.

This report prepared by PanAm Post.