Anonymous Is Not A Political Party

Washington, D.C. (TFC) – A couple of days before Christmas, a few different outlets reported on a post that stated the Anonymous collective was endorsing a 2016 presidential candidate. This goes against the principles of Anonymous and pushes the opinion of one person, rather than the collective as a whole. I want to place great emphasis on this, Anonymous is not a political party. As such, there can be no political endorsements of any kind.

My first encounter with the post was fleeting. I click on random links a lot, and the title of the article was so asinine to me that I chose not to click on it. Just clicking it seemed like too big an endorsement. Low and behold, it gets 40k in shares on Facebook, 0 tweets though oddly. Which piqued my interest even further. Facebook is not the only social media infested with Anons? And I personally watched my feed blow up with people sharing it, but bashing it. I ask, and comment below: Do you as the reader think that sharing a disgusting article is not doing exactly as they have intended?

The fact is, that one or a few people came up with a list of things that could endorse Bernie Sanders.

Image Source: Pirátská strana, Flickr, Creative Commons We are Anonymous. Expect us.

Image Source: Pirátská strana, Flickr, Creative Commons
We are Anonymous. Expect us.

Bernie is much like any other politician. While he claims zealously to be anti-war, history shows that he endorsed many actions abroad, which he will defend even now. Now that you know he endorses war, Bernie still believes 9/11 was masterminded by the 19 named terrorists plus Bin Laden. Please come back here to reality.

Anonymous is comprised of many different people from around the world. In turn, the political spectrum of such a group is broad to say the least. There are anarchists, communists, socialists, democrats, libertarians, republicans, and even fascists. To endorse one political figure is literally giving the power we are trying to obtain; back to the ones that already have it. I think Bernie has had his time at the capitol.

At this point in the race I would just assume not even vote. When politicians vote it’s for war, but when they speak it’s against it. What good does voting for politicians do, if they’re not voting in favor of the people?