An appeal to patriotism from Justin King

Washington, DC (TFC) – The United States does three things really well. The US has turned advertising into an art form, it’s the pinnacle of government overreach, and it fights wars. That’s what the country is good at. The power of the government relies on its ability to make people believe things and its ability to kill those who don’t believe them. Those three national characteristics are in full view right now, and it’s very important that everybody understands it.

Historically, Americans love war. The country has existed for 239 years. It has been involved in military actions 222 of those years. In two centuries of warfare, the US has defeated communism, fascism, colonialism, neocolonialism, it used its military might to become a colonial power, it defeated the world’s strongest armies, and took down scores of banana republics. Not all of these wars were just, but that’s where the art of advertising comes into play. For example, while roughly half of the country supports bombing Syria, not many could explain the national security risk that led to the US attempting to oust President Assad in the first place. The reason for this discrepancy is simple: there wasn’t a national security reason. Now that the war has caused a very predictable backlash and bodies are turning up in the United States, it’s time for that third national characteristic to make an appearance. Renewed pushes for mass surveillance, the denial of due process, and any other agenda the government wants to push can be tied to the unwinnable “war on terror.”

The politicians explain that unless the American people surrender to more government overreach, they won’t be safe from the terrorists. They never admit that terrorism is a form of asymmetrical warfare with tactics specifically developed to counter any security procedures put in place by the target government. In fact, heightened security only makes the terrorist more successful.

The United States defeated Great Britain when it was the most powerful nation on the planet… twice. It defeated Spain when it was a world power. It went on to rack up two more wins while fighting Germany. One of those times the Germans had more than 10 million men in the field. Slowly but surely it chipped away at the Soviet Union and crippled it, leaving it on the world stage to die an agonizing Shakespearean death. While there were some notable stumbles along the way, it did all of this while still remaining more or less a free country. However, suddenly, because of a few thousand men in the middle of the desert, Americans should quake with fear and surrender what’s left of their Constitutionally-protected rights to a government that has time and time again proven it cannot be trusted.

Is this really what this country has become? Not the government. The country. The people. Have we the people devolved from the “Johnny get your gun” and Rosie the Riveter of yesteryear to the sniveling, cowardly populace depicted in 1984? Has it gotten so terrifying that the nation which once stood firm while on the brink of nuclear annihilation until the “other fella” blinked will now kowtow and surrender what little freedom remains for the illusion of safety? Make no mistake; it is an illusion. It does not matter what safeguards the government puts in place, there will be another terrorist attack and then another. Mass surveillance won’t stop it. CCTV cameras won’t stop it. Keeping out refugees won’t stop it. Nothing will stop it. The added security only increases the civilian population’s fear when the next attack happens. This makes that population more likely to pressure the government to disengage from the Middle East. Nothing will stop it because the people of the country have forgotten who they are. They have become paralyzed by the very terror they’re supposed to be fighting.

Image Source: Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas

Image Source: Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas

Guess what? You’re supposed to be scared. Remember, gentle reader, the US is the premier advertiser in the world. Where is the push of propaganda telling Americans they’re safe? Why isn’t the country being rallied together and told that we have nothing to fear but fear itself? The answer is simple. Independent, brave people are hard to manipulate. However, Americans that are afraid of their own shadow will follow any order just to feel safe. There is no advertising campaign to make you feel safe because the government does not want you to feel safe.  It wants you scared. The advertising is geared to terrify you into submission. Color-coded warning systems, constant press releases about “terrorist plots” that were hatched, funded, and equipped by the FBI, and constant news coverage of every possible threat no matter how ridiculous.

Since the September 11th attacks, there have been a few Islamist terrorist attacks inside the United States. In total they killed 38 people in 14 years. More veterans will kill themselves today and tomorrow than US citizens were killed over 14 years by Islamist terrorist organizations inside the US. About three times as many people will die in car accidents today. Four times as many people are killed by autoerotic asphyxiation each year. US police killed 161 unarmed people in the first nine months of 2015.

The government is a larger threat to the average American than the Islamic State could ever be. The government and the politicians running for office are capitalizing on your fear. During the debates, how many candidates addressed veteran suicide? Or the police killing unarmed people? Or the apparent epidemic of autoerotic asphyxiation deaths? These are hundreds or thousands of times more deadly. They aren’t addressing these because they can’t scare you with them. That’s how you win elections. You gather a group of middle-intelligence, middle-income, middle aged, middle Americans and tell them what to be afraid of and how you are going to keep them safe.

Stop consenting to give your rights away. Stop being terrified, or the terrorists have already won. Stop being afraid, and stop voting for candidates who try to scare you into submission.