Adele accused of Plagiarism

Ebril, Kurdistan (TFC) – Noted western singer Adele has been accused of plagiarism. “Million Years Ago“, a track on her most recent album, is said to be a copy of  Kurdish-Turkish singer’s “Acilara Tutunmak (Clinging to Pain)”. The controversy arose, as so many today do, on Twitter. The scandal has spawned  article after article in the media.

Perhaps this newfound controversy over a 30-year-old song’s similarities to a recent hit can be used to shed light on the struggle of the Nudem Durak, TFC’s Woman of the Year. She currently sits in a Turkish prison for singing in her native tongue. It might even be able to further demonstrate The Case for an Independent Kurdistan.

Who exactly are the Kurds? Here are some highlights:

“The Kurdish people are a heterogeneous ethnic group whose ethnic background comes from many regions including Iraqi Kurdistan, and parts of Iran, Turkey, and Syria. The Kurdish ethnic group includes many ancient ethnicities that have been absorbed into modern cultures including Iranian, Azerbaijani, Turkic and Arabic cultures. In this sense, the Kurdish culture shares commonalities with many other regional cultures, and celebrates a unique level of cultural equality and tolerance.

There are 40 million Kurds who are forced to be divided between four countries, which are Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran, there are about 5 million Kurds in Northern Iraq, 20 million are located in south Turkey, 2 million of them are in East Syria and about 6 million of them are in West Iran. The rest are all over the world because of not having their own country they were either forced to leave their areas or preferred to live in peace in Europe and the United States.”

While much of the world focuses on the hot new scandal surrounding singer living comfortably, it should be noted that a stolen song is the smallest problem facing the Kurds.

Image Source: Karen Blue, Flickr, Creative Commons Adele - Paradiso Amsterdam 2008

Image Source: Karen Blue, Flickr, Creative Commons
Adele – Paradiso Amsterdam 2008

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