Weak Minds Follow the Leader



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Washington, DC (TFC) – Forget baseball, war is America’s greatest pastime.  Since 1776 America has been at war for 222 years out of our 239 years as a nation, giving us only 21 years of peace.  America is at war 93% of the time.  The United States has never gone a decade without war, the longest time of peace in the U.S. was from 1935 to 1940, during the Great Depression.  Behind all the carnage, pain and suffering; war brings with it big business, profit and hero worship, why else would the ruling class constantly be at war.  The vast majority of the United States’ military is made up of impoverished young men and women who saw the military as their only choice for a free education and a career that they and their families could be proud of, even though the average soldier’s pay is sadly about the same as a McDonald’s employee.  Soldiers who blindly follow orders are put in harm’s way, shed their blood and die, not for the sake of freedom, but for the sake of those who profit from sending poor people to kill other poor people. This is something that nearly every soldier knows and something that many American civilians are very upset about.  Of course the level of a civilian’s anger is usually based upon their political party and who is in office.  If a politician that they support is sounding the drums of war then they are more apt to support another occupation.  Whereas if an opposing party is urging America to go to war they’re going to be more skeptical and willing to listen to reason when you inform them that there is a hefty profit to be made for the military contractors should we go to war. The statements such as, “they’ve put our troops in harm’s way for no good reason” and “our troops fight and die for our freedom” have been interchangeable between Democrats and Republicans since 2003 with the latter of the two statements being the lie politicians imbed into the American population in order to mask the truth of the former statement.

The party’s shift in support should come as no surprise, die hard Republicans and Democrats support their leader much like the half naked painted face fan at a football game, and like that crazy drunken sports fan, Republicans and Democrats with the same die hard competitive mindset will always back their team, and, right or wrong, will justify their team’s decisions.  This political flip-flop has been experienced at social gatherings and dinner tables for the past fifteen years.  The most blatant and disgusting display of political football can be seen on HBO’s ‘Politically Incorrect’ with Bill Maher, a late night television program featuring a Democratic puppet as its host who spouts out his scripted nonsense to a roaring crowd of weak minded supporters.  During the Bush administration Bill Maher would condemn and insult George W. for his war in the Middle East, for example Maher said “We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away.  That’s cowardly.”  Over a decade later, with Obama in office, Maher said on his show “there are bad people in the world who should be taken out by drones if the government decides it is necessary.  Some people do need killing.”  Not surprisingly the same man who once stood firmly against war and now supports it also changed his outlook on the Muslim community as he now chastises the same people he once defended.

Democrats are not the only party to do a complete 180 with their ideals, Republicans too change their outlook and tone.  Of course when Republicans criticize the war they like to dress it up with terms like “bad tactics” or “poor intelligence,” after all they have been deemed `the war party’ and their fearless leader George W. started this mess in the middle east, so they can’t completely come out against what was initially their war, but they do support it less since Obama came into office, just as democrats support it more with Obama’s arrival.


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In the wake of 9/11 nearly everybody was geared towards a war with those thought to be behind the 2001 WTC attacks, with 50% of Democrats and a whopping 90% of Republicans out for blood.  As the anger of the American people after the horrific events of 9/11 cooled down, so too did the attitude towards war in The Middle East.  The Democratic outlook dropped drastically from 50% to 17% in 2008, whereas the Republican outlook only dropped from 90% to 73% during the final leg of the Bush years.  In late 2008 when Obama came into office a funny thing happened, the Democratic party decided that war was the right decision, jumping from a 17% approval rating to a 37% approval rating and only dropping 4% during Obama’s second term.  As the Democrats decided that war was the right way to go, the Republican party had a change of heart, after peaking to about a 75% approval rating the Republican party lowered their support to 68%, they topped off at 72% approval one year before the 2012 election, but decided against war at the dawn of Obama’s second term, dropping down to a 58% approval rating.

The dedication to one’s party is the bane of this once great nation, as long as the weak minded puppets fall into line following their leaders, we will never see the change we need in America.  If Republicans and Democrats switched their views on abortion tomorrow the Republican drones would most likely be demonstrating outside abortion clinics while Democrats would be supporting pro-life.  The whole two party system is a charade which keeps Americans bickering about nonsense while the Republican and Democratic leaders, who incidentally belong to the same ‘club,’ laugh at us all the way to the bank.  My hats off to those who remained anti-war during both the Bush and Obama administrations, to those who think for themselves and see this two party system as the massive scam that it is.  To quote the late great Hunter S. Thompson “politics is the art of controlling your environment,” so keep up the good fight all you true patriots, hold your heads up high and don’t let the swine get you down, because that’s what they want.



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