The GOP’s stance on Planned Parenthood is a recipe for failure

Planned Parenthood rally in Minnesota, photo by Fibonacci Blue

Planned Parenthood rally in Minnesota, photo by Fibonacci Blue

Washington, D.C- (TFC) The Republican presidential race has been exposed as a freak show; with a dozen clowns trying to convince their audience one of them can lead the circus.  The stupid lies; and the insane ideas are not the self placed noose around the neck of the party; it`s the attack on Planned Parenthood.

In Louisiana, US District Judge John W. deGravelles blocked an attempt by Governor Bobby Jindal to defund Planned Parenthood clinics in the state. The action came in response to the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that showed Planned Parenthood negotiating the sale of fetal tissues, and organs. The funding of the two clinics in the state does not go to abortion, and the clinics in Louisiana were not involved in the sale of fetal tissue. Jindal’s attack on the organization was ill conceived at the start, and only makes the GOP look even more foolish. Their fight against Planned Parenthood is rife with dishonesty, and the presidential candidates completely impervious to the fact they are once again alienating themselves to women.

In 2014, two separate conservative groups, (one lead by Karl Rove), commissioned reports instructing the GOP on what to do to attract female voters who view the party as, as “intolerant,” “lacking in compassion” and “stuck in the past.” That lack of compassion towards female voters has been shown to be fervent in the 2016 Republican presidential campaign where no candidate seems to be free of condemnation for their comments regarding women’s issues.

Barely alive candidate Mike Huckabee has said numerous things that have pissed of women, which included the claim that Natalie Portman glorified out of wedlock pregnancy and announcing his support of a law in Paraguay that prevented a ten year old girl who was raped by her stepfather, from having an abortion.

Rick Santorum, a man who threw his wife under the bus when a controversial portion of his book criticized radical feminists for attacking traditional families; believes women should be forced to carry a child no matter the circumstance. It’s an opinion shared by Dr. Ben Carson; who compared abortion to slavery. Even more troublesome is Jeb Bush’s actions as governor of Florida, which included diverting Planned Parenthood funds to pro life, anti sex programs, as well as intervening in the reproductive rights of a 13-year-old girl who was a ward of the state, as well as a developmentally disabled 22-year-old who was raped while staying in a state sponsored facility.

The entire field has come out against the organization in order to win political points from hardcore conservatives, but those very views won’t win a lot of hearts when they go up against the Democrats.

According to Gallup, 50% of Americans identify as being pro choice; a number that has not dropped under 47% in the past 20 years. Other polling showed Democratic support among women at 52%; with female post graduates polling at 64% Democratic. That poll is supplemented by an NBC/WSJ report that showed 47% of Americans having a positive view of Planned Parenthood, which outnumbers the likability of the GOP by almost twenty points. Combine those numbers with the 54% of Americans who support federal funding for PP, and no logical conclusion can be presented that suggests a war against the women’s health provider and abortion can be won by conservatives.

Blogger and staunch Christian conservative, Matt Walsh compared Planned Parenthood to Dr. Earl Bradley, a former pediatric doctor who is currently rotting in jail for raping small children. Walsh called Bradley, “no worse than Planned Parenthood,” even with organization providing free contraceptives, cancer screenings, gynecological exams and other services. The fact they abort fetuses supersedes any other work they do.

Walsh wrote, “-many Planned Parenthood defenders admit that abortion is wrong, that it takes a human life, but still insist the organization should remain open — and indeed receive federal funding — because of the “other stuff.” Think about how horrified and disgusted you’d be if someone took Bradley’s side by using the “look at the other stuff” argument. That’s how horrifying and disgusting it is to take Planned Parenthood’s side for the same reason.”

The problem with that assessment is the fact that the vast majority of Americans believe touching and forcing a child to performing oral sex is a despicable sex crime; while millions don’t believe life begins at contraception; therefore abortion is not murder. Comparing a serial child rapist to a woman’s health center is a stretch that isn’t going to do more than make the other side of the aisle question your sanity. Sadly, Walsh’s comments are not far off those made by actual lawmakers, who have said Planned parenthood is worse than the KKK, and questioned why men can’t rape women if abortion is legal, but these comments have made conservatives look certifiably insane, and sounds threatening to a segment of the population that is ignoring the GOP in the voting booth.

Before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion federally, estimates range as high as 1.2 million women having abortions each year. Without legal means, many women risked death or infertility to end an unwanted pregnancy. Methods used by unlicensed providers ranged from bleach, coat hangers, turpentine and other  foreign objects. Pre legal abortion America killed an average of 5,000 women a year. The stories of women entering bungalows and having strange objects painfully inserted into their vaginas, without getting anything for the pain, is a past women don’t want to return to, and anyone who suggests history should repeat will discourage the majority of women from even considering voting for them.

Abortions have declined, as well as teen pregnancy, but conservatives still insist the outlawing of abortion will stop the murder of innocent fetuses. Drugs are banned in America under the premise that criminalizing possession of the drug will end usage, but that has not been the case. Millions still use illegal drugs despite millions being poured into law enforcement. If one lives in a city where gun possession is restricted to those who can pass background checks, that person can simply purchase the firearm from the black market. When governments ban objects, substances, and activities individual’s desire, no law prevents people from obtaining what they want or need.

In numerous states, it has been shown cheap or free contraceptives provided to teenagers drop rates of pregnancy, which adds evidence to the link between low incomes and abortions. 42% of all women who abort a fetus live under the national poverty rate line, with minority women making up the majority of those who seek abortions. Women who seek abortions don’t so for the thrill of ending a tiny life; economics plays a huge roll. According to a study by Guttmacher; around 61% of women who have abortions already have one or more children, and three fourths of women who get the procedure do so because they can’t afford the child.

Banning abortion, or defunding Planned Parenthood will do nothing to eliminate abortion, and the idea to end abortion is rife with failure. Getting out of the way of contraception use, and not tackling the economic reasons for women aborting a fetus is not going to make friends, nor will it inspire women to change their allegiance to the Democratic Party. The American public doesn’t support the attempted dissection of Planned Parenthood, and the continued attack on the reproductive right of women is not only a failed political strategy, it will do nothing to eliminate abortion.